The best way to have a psychic or Akashic Reading

psychicThe best way to get the most out of your psychic, or Akashic, Reading


If you are interested in having a psychic, or Akashic Reading, what’s the best way to go about it?

First of all, make sure that you know the difference between the two.  Then, when you have decided on your reading, here comes the hard part.

You need to let go of all expectations


Yes, come with your lists of questions.  Yes, do set the intention to get the most out of your reading.  And yes, hope that the information will be enlightening and helpful.

However, if you come with a list of INNER expectations, such as ‘during this reading I will definitely receive _____________ information’, or ‘I want to know the name of my partner in a previous life’, or ‘WHEN will I _____________?’.

Those questions will not work well, those INNER expectations will not enable you to listen to the reader and receive the spiritual energy that a good reading will impart.

I know it’s hard to let go of what we want so badly when psychic people can tell us, can’t they?


Well, we can certainly help!  Here are some examples to help you get the most out of your reading, by thinking about your mindset beforehand in three different examples from other skillsets.

First example: Perhaps somebody consults a health coach about getting fitter.  The person is open to healing and takes on the advice of the consultant, changing their diet, exercising as suggested and getting good results.  Listening and being open, the client takes the advice given and moves forward, making healthy changes.

Second example: A person is setting up a new company and wants advice from a business consultant about the best way to practice business in that field.  The business consultant is experienced and gives good advice, the new business person benefits from taking that advice and starts to grow their business.

Third example: A person goes to the hairdresser for a new cut and color.  They have a certain ‘look’ in mind, but the experienced hairdresser understands that the look will not be a good match and fit for the client.  They skillfully suggest some differences to the client which gives them some of the ‘look’ they were after, yet still improves their appearance and self-image.

(By the way, I have always believed that hairdressers are one of the best ‘hidden’ social workers in our society.)

So how can I change my mindset to help me move forward spiritually during a psychic or Akashic Reading?


In the first example, the client seeing advice already realizes they have an issue.  Perhaps they have a health problem they are concerned about that will respond well to a change in diet, or they know they live a sedentary lifestyle and need to change that.  In the first example, the client has already thought about what needs changing.

Applying the first example of this mindset to a psychic or Akashic Records Reading


Before you go to a psychic or Akashic Reader, take some time to think about what you are ready to change about your life.  What is really bugging you and what are you really and truly ready to let go?

If you are not ready to work out and change your diet, then it’s not time to go a health coach.  If you have not spent some time in reflection and thought about what needs to change at a deep level in your soul, then having a psychic or Akashic Records Reading is a curiosity event, not an energetic event where deep changes are made.

It’s OK to do either in my opinion, just to be clear, but to have greater expectations of a psychic or Akashic Reading when your energy is not a match for your desired outcomes — that’s unrealistic.  Just have a curiosity reading and leave it at that!

Applying the second example of this mindset to a psychic or Akashic Records Reading


In the second example, the client is going to an established business person to learn what they know.  If you are ready to open and learn more on the journey, you will get much more out of your reading with that type of mindset.

There are many readers now who have spent years studying their modality (myself included), and we work hard with clients to give them helpful information which is in their highest spiritual good.  And sometimes, just like the startup business person, it may not be what they want to hear initially, it will be hard work, but it will help them in the long run.  As a client, the business person isn’t questioning the advice offered, they see it working and want to know more.

Try that mindset next time you have a reading.

Applying the third example of this mindset to a psychic or Akashic Records Reading


Getting a new look!  It’s very easy to believe that a new, pretty look we see online will be flattering for us.  Recently I changed the whole way I get my hair colored because I went to a new consultant.  I was initially going to go in one direction, but with her advice realized that my (older) hair needed different treatment.

Changing my perception of myself — and how much grey hair I had — accepting that fact, resulted in me having a lovely hair color and style I like much better than the old one…and that is what I really wanted in the first place!

So, when going to a psychic or Akashic Records Reader, make space in your mindset for the Reader to READ your energy and perhaps discover some things that you didn’t know about yourself, yet they are extremely helpful to you.  You will come away with new perceptions and new awarenesses that you might have missed if you had just stuck with your original list of questions.

And by the way, I do offer a starting point for your list of questions, too.  Below is a link to my downloadable PDF.

Guide to useful questions for your Akashic Records Reading.


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