Holistic Tarot – Meditate on Present Energy, Design Your Future

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Holistic Tarot – Meditate on Present Energy, Design Your Future

holistic tarot

Do you find yourself asking the same questions over and over again of your Tarot Card Deck – if so, then welcome to the practice of Holistic Tarot.

Why do this, when you can use Tarot Analytics instead? Discover an approach where you can discover the workings of your inner mind and present-life energy, rather than relying on unpredictable future patterns than do not empower you.

What is Holistic Tarot?

Benebell Wen gives us a guided tour of the history of Tarot and it’s many uses in her new book Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth.

This Tarot book comes with a twist, however.

Unlike many practitioners, in Holistic Tarot – – Benebell Wen offers us an insight into a different methodology and use for Tarot than the commonly understood norm.  She states that: –

‘Tarot should not be used to predict the future.’

Benebell Wen

She suggests that a healthier way to progress with modern spiritual psychoanalytical practice is to choose the frame of ‘Tarot analytics’.

I do not support fortune-telling and I do not believe in future-telling. 

My approach to Tarot is not predictive.  It is analytic. 

The signs and symbols of the cards facilitate retrieval of information from the unconscious and move it to the forefront of the conscious plane of the mind…which can then help us form creative solutions, present a different angle to a problem…or offer the breakthrough that allows us to move forward.

I call it “Tarot Analytics’

Benebell Wen

Tarot Has Many Forms – Holistic Tarot is more helpful

I’ve always been attracted to the Tarot and working with card spreads and Tarot books.

My First deck was Aleister Crowley’s Tarot deck of Thoth.

I have always found it amazing that a sense of energy from the cards seems to attract them into readings…again and again. The same cards seem to reappear if one does several readings close together!

For this reason, asking the same questions over and over again is not recommended.

In recent years I’ve been much more drawn to Angel Cards, especially the work of Doreen Virtue

These cards seem to resonate with many people who like the lighter energies attached to them.

If you like Doreen Virtue’s cards, you might enjoy this review of her Life Purpose Cards.

Good Tarot is About Energy Patterns, Not Predictions

So how do we learn to use Tarot cards, or Holistic Tarot, to chart the waters of our Qi or energy?

Benebell’s chapter on the Theory of qi really helps me to understand this more deeply.

I have always steered away from giving psychic readings which are predictive because they make me sweaty and uncomfortable.

How can I possibly tell somebody what their future holds?

Premonitions for me pop in strangely and in odd ways…and sometimes take time to unpack, so how can I be truly effective in helping others with such an unpredictable gift?

This is why Akashic Records Readings are so powerful for me and clients. 

The Akashic work is a journey within to understand ourselves and our life journeys more deeply…in order to make decisions for ourselves.

Learning to use our own inner wisdom, as deeply buried as it may be is far more empowering. 

Tarot readings too can help us tap into our Inner Wisdom.

When we learn to use Tarot Cards to reflect our current energetic expression, then true help can be sought from the cards.

The History of Tarot

If you have a few Tarot books or are a Tarot beginner, you will find Holistic Tarot to be a useful resource

There are sections describing the history of Tarot cards in detail, as well as reviews of psychological influences and background theories as to how Tarot readings actually work.

Tarot card spreads can help us tap into our unconscious energy patterns and hidden motivations, casting light on a way forward, rather than defining it through a random throw of cards.

You can use The History of Tarot to help you: –

  • decide on a Tarot card deck
  • learn to energize the card deck appropriately
  • gain an understanding of card meanings and the structure of the cards (Major and Minor Arcana)
  • as a guide for designing a form for to record information when giving readings for others.

A Carefully Researched Book

holistic tarot
Benebell Wen

Tarot cards have been created over centuries using archetypes from our collective minds.

These can be anything from spirits, group consciousness, and even archetypes

Through practicing with our cards, we can learn to mine these images, energies, and thoughts to more deeply understand ourselves.

We can learn to make better-informed decisions – for ourselves – using the 4 cylinders of mind, intuition, sense and collective memory.

That’s where ‘Tarot Analytics’ comes in.

Become Better-Informed through Holistic Tarot

Tarot practice is often reduced to a diversion or brief entertainment.

Instead of diverting our energy and focus to hard-to-uphold flash views of the future, or reducing our powerful energetic connection to a shopping list of wants and needs, we can learn to use (or re-use) the Tarot card decks in a different way.

They can help us inquire within and discover what is happening at the deeper levels now, in our present minds.

My most effective Tarot card spreads for myself have always been those which relate to my current circumstances, situation and difficulties

From the clarification of these issues, I can choose to take steps to move in the to the future more effectively.

This is much more empowering than creating a number of self-fulfilling prophecies.

These may seem helpful in the short-term because they make me feel better and divert me from my problems.  In the long-term however…are they truly helpful?

Holistic Tarot gives us an opportunity to dig deeper into the benefits that Tarot cards can offer. This approach gives us a chance to side-step some of the more common pitfalls associated with predictive reasoning and ‘fortune-telling’.

Tarot work as a tradition is here to help us create a deeper energetic connection to our intuition and inner wisdom instead.

To learn more about Benebell Wen read her bio here.

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