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Your Hidden Light – a book review

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Your Hidden Light – a book review

your hidden light

your hidden light

Your Hidden Light – a personal guide to creating your desired life by Raana Zia

your hidden lightNew author Raana Zia has spent 15 years of her life working in large Fortune 500 retail companies and worked her way up to becoming CFO of one large company.

Through her life experience at work and home, she has managed to produce this little gem of a spiritual book, Your Hidden Light.  It may be ‘little’ but is to the point and extremely relevant for the modern spiritual seeker.

Raana uses stories from her life and pulls on personal experience combined with the wisdom of spiritual teachers to give us this modern and useful approach to manifestation and co-creation.

Your inner world

Raana takes us on a spiritual journey through our inner world, starting with our energetic nature and how we create our outer world as a reflection of our inner world, often unconsciously so.

She says

Most people do not realize that they can create the life they want in the way they want it.  In fact, most people assimilate their lives to other people’s lives, standards, or beliefs.  They do not know how to use their internal energetic powers to shape their external reality.

Once we learn that we do have energetic powers, we can learn to influence our outcomes in a whole new way.

Her choice of quotes are insightful also, this one from Chapter 1

“Do not conform to the pattern of the world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”.  -Bible Romans 12:2

Each chapter also has a conclusion list of main points at the back, making this book a very useful study aide.

How to think and the use of speech

In Chapter three Raana discusses the nature of thinking. As an NLP Practitioner™ (Neuro-Linguistic Programming™) I have learned that many of us can be subject to unconscious errors in thinking.

Our errors in thinking are often programs or language behavior we have inherited, and don’t even realize that what we say to ourselves is just as important as what is said to others.

As the great Akashic Reader Edgar Cayce says, (and Raana quotes him in the book)

“Reality is built out of thought, and our every thought begins to create reality”.  Edgar Cayce, American Mystic, 1877-1945

Edgar Cayce referred to the 4th dimension as the ‘realm of ideas’, and wrote about our ‘imaginal forces’ as something every spiritual seeker needed to learn more about, and create a healthy relationship with.

Becoming more aware of your thoughts, becoming more mindful and conscious of them, is definitely a powerful step on the road to self-development.

Feelings and Creation – Your Hidden Light

These chapters delve into the power of feelings, the frequency of emotion, the nature of fear and love, and how to align your actions with your desires.  This book covers a lot of ground!

Raana mentions Gratitude as a powerful feeling to begin changing your inner world.  Sometimes it is hard to feel love, but perhaps we can start with a little gratitude, and that will begin to change our vibration.

Choices, your Story, and Reality

In the Chapter ‘Everything is a Choice’, Raana includes a quote from another favorite spiritual author of mine, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”.

I very much enjoyed her discussion of the connections of beliefs with making choices.  Since the advent of Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’, one interpretation of manifestation has been – ‘I think, therefore it will happen’.

This, unfortunately, is ‘magical thinking’, since thoughts remain firmly in the realm of the 4th dimension unless we choose to act (by setting intentions and making choices).  Intuition is great to discover potentials, but to manifest, we must act!

I’m happy to say — Your Hidden Light is an insightful and informative read for anyone on the spiritual journey.  Highly recommended!

Bio: Raana Zia has spent her career holding executive-level leadership roles in large Fortune 500 companies including the position of Chief Financial Officer.  She has spent over 15 years developing leaders and coaching people and teams to maximize their abilities and achieve their goals in the corporate world.  Her passion for personal and leadership development and an intense desire to discover her own purpose and potential led her down an unexpected path of self-realization and spirituality. 

Raana’s journey into self-discovery opened her up to a greater understanding of her direct connection and influence over her reality.  Her realizations and personal experiences compelled her to write Your Hidden Light in order to share with others what she believes is the most direct and efficient path to achieving your desires and living a life of happiness, continued growth, and fulfillment.

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