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Dealing with intuitive manipulation October podcast

So for you, the listener and spiritual journeyer, where are you on the road to understanding intuitive manipulation? As I mentioned in my blog post this month at New World Energetics – How to Save yourself from intuitive manipulators, the gut is a really good place to start.

Ask yourself, if you are interacting with somebody who causes you to be suspicious of their intentions, where in your body does this wisdom come from? This month’s podcast gives you the empath or spiritual sensitive some tools on how to deal with intuitive manipulators.

goodness abounds

Goodness Abounds – 365 true stories of loving kindness

Nobody every said life was easy, or even fair, so sometimes it can be hard not to get bogged down when difficulties head our way or when the world seems to have gone nuts. In Goodness Abounds, Sarah Lawrence, along with a lot of other writers share daily stories of goodness abounds – goodness and kindness shared by everyday people in everyday situations. A lovely book to have handy, read a page per day, and be uplifted by the fact that goodness abounds and is truly still with us!

cold hard ugly truth

The cold hard ugly truth about spirituality – 8 truths

There is a lot written by myself and many others about our spiritual awakening here on the planet, how to grow spiritually and how to develop our self-awareness and mindfulness.

These are all wonderful practices and have great value in life.

There are some cold hard ugly truths about spirituality, too, however.

Sometimes it can feel like a double-edged sword. Here are 8 cold hard ugly truths on the spiritual journey.

Check out this post, read by more than 8,000 readers to date.>>

Interested in creating success on your spiritual journey?  Awaken your Akashic Records, develop your intuition, experience growth and abundance!

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Everyday Scrying – or how to open your third eye further

What is scrying? It’s an old English word for being clairvoyant, clear-seeing or psychic in the visual sense. People used to use dark glass (before silvered glass was invented), polished metal, a crystal ball or even smoke or the flames from a fire to see visions and inspirations or even seek advice. Here’s a free podcast on how to get started for yourself.

holistic tarot

Holistic Tarot – define the present, improve the future

Benebell Wen gives us a guided tour of the history of Tarot and it’s many uses in her new book Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth.

This Tarot book comes with a twist, however.
Unlike many practitioners, in Holistic Tarot – – Benebell Wen offers us an insight into a different methodology and use for Tarot than the commonly understood norm. 

She states that’Tarot should not be used to predict the future’and that a way to progress with modern spiritual psychoanalytical practice is to choose the frame of ‘Tarot analytics’ – as she says…I do not support fortune-telling and I do not believe in future-telling. 

My approach to Tarot is not predictive.  It is analytic.  The signs and symbols of the cards facilitate retrieval of information from the unconscious and move it to the forefront of the conscious plane of the mind, which can then help us form creative solutions, present a different angle to a problem…or offer the breakthrough that allows us to move forward.

I call it “Tarot Analytics’

Interested in creating success on your spiritual journey? Awaken your Akashic Records, develop your intuition, experience growth and abundance!

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Working With Angels

Tarot Tuesday – the Romance Angels – win a free mini-reading from Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

It’s Tarot Tuesday! This week’s deck is the Romance Angels Oracle card deck, a 44 card deck and guidebook. From the guidebook… While using these cards, you’ll work with with Romance Angels. Their voices are sweet, slightly high-pitched, and calm. They’ll tend to speak in unison, which you’ll hear within your mind. The card I…
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Spiritual Transition Team

Who is on your Spiritual Transition Team? | Thoughts on the shift post December 21st 2012

Who is on your Spiritual Transition Team? Watching a trailer for Decoding Deepak – a film made about Deepak Chopra by his son Gotham Chopra recently, I heard Deepak Chopra say “I’m on the (Spiritual) Transition Team” when referring to the shift in consciousness that many people are experiencing and the human consciousness movement on…
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Akashic Records Reading

New World Energetics Practice – Sessions with Sarah (Mom On A Spiritual Journey)

New World Energetics Practice – my online practice If my story intrigues you and you resonate with being a Mom On A Spiritual Journey – you may also be interested in some of the spiritual practices I errr….practice! I have an online sessions site called New World Energetics – the name summing up how we…
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Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Contact Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Contact Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey Contact me if… – you would like an Online Reading or Energy Session? Online Sessions offered are Akashic Records Readings Angelic Readings using Oracle Cards Connecting with Your Loved Ones Energy Work with the EMF Balancing Technique® Intuitive Coaching Sessions Intuitive Essential Oil Readings A blend! …you…
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oracle cards

Akashic Tarot Readings

Akashic Tarot Readings with Sarah TAP INTO THE POWER OF SYMBOLS TO REVEAL UNCONSCIOUS MOTIVATIONS Tarot Cards don’t predict the future, but they do connect with symbols in our unconscious mind Tarot cards don’t ‘predict’ anything, but our energy draws certain cards towards us through the Law of Attraction when we focus on a particular…
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Front Page

WE ARE ALL CONNECTED – SO HOW DOES THAT WORK? Discover how we are all connected through working with your Akashic Records, what your Soul Purpose is, and more! TRYING TO CONNECT THE DOTS WITH ALL THE INFORMATION OUT THERE? 5 different Akashic Records Readings in a cycle to give you useful and actionable information,…
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you can heal your life

Hay House Flash Sale – 50% off meditation products Aug 28th-31st 2017

Hay House Flash sale from new meditation and Affirmations Catalog! Read this post and use the link to get your discounts. Featuring items from some of your favorite authors, such as Louise Hay, Esther & Jerry Hicks, Davidji, Wayne Dyer and more.

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