How to Use the Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards

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How to Use the Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards

talking to heaven

Here’s a review of the Talking to Heaven Mediumship cards. Grief is a tough subject, so here’s a simple introduction to using these cards in order to connect with your Loved Ones.

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Grieving can be hard

talking to heaven

Grieving can be very hard. It’s not something we are trained or taught to deal with on an everyday basis.

However, it pretty much happens to everybody on the Spiritual Journey – we lose someone.

Developing my intuition has been a big help on my Journey.  I’ve had experiences of relatives and other Souls connecting with me for many years.

I heard about Doreen Virtue’s and James Van Praagh’s Talking to Heaven mediumship cards…and immediately thought I’d like to try them.

I’m very fond of many of Doreen Virtue’s card decks and have been inspired by her work.

After my mum passed I found myself watching every single episode of The Ghost Whisperer.  This series was directed by psychic medium James Van Praagh.

Since I found the series very helpful, I thought I might have a good connection with these cards.

What are Mediumship Cards?

This type of deck is specifically designed to help you create a link with Spirit Guides or Loved Ones who have passed.

We all have our own Inner Circle Spirit Guides, who are Souls who are not incarnated this time and are helping us.

Often, though, we have Loved Ones who have passed but who still come back to help and support us in difficult times. These are the people we can work on creating a link with through mediumship cards.

How to use the Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards

These cards are intended for a different use than, for example, Doreen Virtue’s Life Purpose Oracle Card deck.

When using the Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards, the intention stated in the guidebook is

We’re not here to convince anyone of the existence of life after death; rather, our aim is to provide comfort in the form of these mediumship cards. 

Oracle cards are a time-honored way to seek guidance and cultivate a connection to the Divine, and in this deck we’ve focused upon opening up a conversation with departed Loved Ones (known as mediumship).

As with many other Oracle card decks, you can consecrate the cards or clear their energy.  There are instructions in the book, or you can use your own prayer or method.

Then you can think of the person who has passed with whom you would like to communicate.

My first experience with the Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards

talking to heaven

Once I cleared the energy of these cards, I centered myself and then thought about my mum, who passed in 2010

I picked the Card ‘We are So Connected‘.

The part that really resonated with me from the guidebook is: –

I wanted to give you the exciting news that in my Life Review I saw that you and I have a strong soul connection through many lifetimes. 

We’ve been each others teachers (sometimes in unpleasant ways) several times.

Being each other’s teachers

When my mum became ill she began to feel energy and realized that spiritual energy exists. 

She could feel energy much more acutely and would discuss it with me. 

We had talked about issues like this for years, but she hadn’t shared her previous experiences with me.  This was mainly due to fear.

Reviewing what I have learned so far through the Akashic Records – my mother and I always had a deep energetic connection with each other and ‘knew’ things before they happened.

Healing conversations

Towards the end of my mother’s life, she took great pains to communicate to me that I had been right about feeling energy – and that what was going on with her was very real.

She apologized for not being able to believe before that.

The phrase from the guidebook about connections through many lifetimes really opened up my heart!

Chatty Uncle Tony pops in

I also thought about my uncle Tony, who came through from the other side when my mum was sick.

I received the card

You are never alone‘.

That meant so much to me since he connected with me so clearly from spirit on the day and the exact time I was transferring my mother into a hospice.

The conversation I had with him was just like a telephone call.  It gave me such comfort.

Reconnecting with my dad

Recently I’ve made a big spiritual reconnection with my dad, who passed away when I was 19 years old. 

I saw an image of him the night that he passed, and was able to tell my mother which PJs he was wearing in the hospital at the time.

My dad has made a big re-entry over the last few months and visits me more often. 

He has been cracking lots of jokes about my mum and her business with ‘spiritual work’ on the other side.  My dad always had a very dry sense of humor – and the card he chose even reflects that.

One of the messages he wanted to transmit was concern over the valves in our lawnmower.  He was an engineer.  So far, the mower has started okay!

My dad’s card was

We will be together again‘.

I love the image too because his favorite thing to do was sail his boat and mess around on the water with dinghies.

I hope you enjoyed this review and reading with the Talking to Heaven Mediumship card deck.

Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Reader.  You can download the brochure listing all 12 Readings she offers, and contact her here at the Client Portal.


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