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spiritual moments

Spiritual Moments Facebook Group

Wouldn’t it be nice to join a Facebook book with thoughtful people who are interested in a quiet spiritual moment? This is what the Spiritual Moments Facebook group is for. Monday – heart openers, Tuesday – tarot and divination, Wednesday – humor, Thursday – thoughtful posts, Friday – fun and uplifting. Come along and join in! If you have something to promote, we do that on Tuesdays only.

akashic records of a house

Buying, Selling, Want To Rent But Stuck? How To Read The Akashic Records Of A House

Do houses have energetic imprints that can be read – the Akashic Records of a house? It’s my belief that houses can be read. In order not to cause karma, you must have permission from the owner in some way. Read on to learn more. The Akashic Records of a house – how can they…
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How to Begin Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides can come in many forms and bring through their messages in unusual ways. How can we begin to connect with our Spirit Guides, and what practices can help us? Spirit Guides – what are they? Spirit Guides are Souls who are no longer incarnated, but they support us on the Spiritual Journey. Guides…
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Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Using Affirmations | Happy birthday to Louise Hay| You can buy Apps too for 50% off | Review by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Louise Hay birthday celebration Apps also 50% off! Following on from my post yesterday about Louise Hay publications such as You Can Heal Your life being 50% off today and yesterday, whilst at after school activities yesterday afternoon (a place where I play with my phone) I was wondering if Louise Hay Apps are 50%…
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