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What is Canola Oil and why it might not help with your allergies

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What is Canola Oil and why it might not help with your allergies

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What is Canola Oil?

canola oilI thought Canola oil was made from Canolas and perhaps looked vaguely corn-like.  Honestly, until yesterday I had no idea.  When you look up Canola oil on the internet, the first thing you find out is that Canola oil comes from the seeds of the canola plant.  OK.

But, that’s all not all there is to it.  You see, Canola Oil is made from rape seed.  How did I find this out yesterday?  Because my youngest daughter (who has an extreme allergy to rape seed) ingested some Canola oil and had a severe allergic reaction.

Soy oil, Canola oil and more

It’s true, Canola oil is made from rape seed.  Since we discovered that my daughter has a soy allergy, we have been researching other products that enable us to cook pretty much as before, but without the soy, which gives her nasty, migraine-like headaches.  She literally turns green during a reaction.

It’s not an anaphylactic reaction however (e.g. swelling, breathing difficulties and requiring an epi-pen).

So, in our search for soy-free products, my husband found one pancake mix that does not contain soy.  It’s a Log Cabin Product.

The recipe requires the addition of oil, and we happened to have some olive and Canola Oil (mixed) in the cupboard.  He made the pancakes, we all ate them and they were very good.

Then I went out to walk the dog.

20 minutes later – Canola oil allergic reaction

If my daughter has a digestive reaction, it usually happens within 15-30 minutes of eating the offending food.

I got a stressed call from my husband when out walking the dog saying he thought he’d need to take our daughter to the ER.

I got home as quick as I could and found my daughter literally screaming in pain and holding her head.  She had tried to self-treat and taken a small dose of benadryl which was not a big enough dose, so we gave her more. She said the pain was a 10 on the scale of 1-10.

She begged me not to give her an epipen and I couldn’t see a use for it at that point, so I reached for ice and the Young Living Lavender oil which immediately took the pain down to a 9 and it continued to drop quickly after that with more lavender.

Being a reflexologist, I also worked the head and sinus area of her feet which also rapidly dropped the pain quotient, until 20 minutes later she was done and pain free. No upset stomach later, she just felt tired and listless which can sometimes be a result of the Benadryl.

Pure dose of Canola Oil

Since the Canola Oil had been added as an ingredient, it didn’t become de-natured during the cooking process.  My daughter has OAS (Oral Allergy Syndrome), for example she cannot eat bananas raw but can eat cooked banana bread perfectly happily.  For more about OAS, check out this link at WebMd.

So now we know.  If you have extreme allergies to rape seed…try cutting Canola Oil out of your diet.  It is a relatively healthy oil, which is why it can be good to cook with…but if you have rape seed allergies – I would suggest avoiding it.

Rape seed = Canola oil


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