Deepak Chopra on OWN | Some meditative thoughts for the day

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Deepak Chopra on OWN | Some meditative thoughts for the day


Deepak Chopra on OWN – Interviewed by Oprah in Jaipur

Deepak Chopra on OWN
Deepak Chopra was recently interviewed on OWN by Oprah Winfrey and took part in Oprah’s Lifeclass tour.

Deepak Chopra is a spiritual thought leader who has written many books and run many very effective workshops.

His latest publication is Spiritual Solutions: Answers to Life’s Greatest Challenges, which I suspect will be on my summer reading list after watching his recent interviews on OWN.

Here is Deepak Chopra on OWN‘s Lifeclass Tour talking about his definition of spirituality and the soul.

“Your mind is a conversation…your soul is beyond that”.


Deepak Chopra Defines Spirit

Thought leader Deepak Chopra says spirit is life—it’s the source of our values, inspirations and intuition. Watch as he explains how being spiritually aware will help resolve any problem or fear. Plus, Oprah shares the first step to becoming a more spiritual person.

Deepak Chopra on OWN in Jaipur

I also watched an interview where Deepak Chopra was interviewed by Oprah (and now I’m typing their names I realize they rhyme, isn’t that funny!).

They arranged in interview during Oprah’s recent visit to India and sat down to tea in the King’s Palace in Jaipur, with a view of the mountains.

The main reason I wanted to blog about this was to share the beautiful question and answer session between Oprah and Deepak.

Oprah asked a series of questions which Deepak answered as follows – I hope you enjoy reflecting on the words as I did

O “Life is…

D “Life is a field of infinite possibilities and an opportunity to evolve in the direction of truth, beauty and harmony”.

O “The world needs?”

D “The world needs more compassion and love.”

O “I believe…”

D “I believe in the divinity of all life.”

O “Love is…?”

D “Love is the ultimate truth at the heart of creation.  It’s not a sentiment or an emotion, it’s the fact that we’re all the same being in different disguises.”

O “Modern medicine must…?”

D “Modern medicine must learn to look at the soul and not just the body.” (Sarah at Mom On a Spiritual Journey – amen to that!).

O “I want to thank…”

D “I want to thank all the people who have given me so much love without my even asking for it.”

O “My greatest teacher is…?”

D “My greatest teacher is my inner silence.”

O “I am ready to forgive…?”

D “I have already forgiven.”

O “I want my legacy to be…?”

D “I want my legacy to be a passing breeze, a pattern of behavior in the universe that came and is now gone – the fragrance lingers.”

O “The soul is…?”

D “Your soul is not in your body – your body is in your soul.”

From Deepak Chopra on OWN.

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  1. Jeromey says:

    I love oprah for this. Bring this form teaching to the general public is something that this world really needs.

    Thanks for the review Sarah

  2. […] desk was ‘manned’ by Deepak Chopra for the first half hour and the Rev. Ed Bacon for the second […]

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