What is an empath and what gifts do we have to offer you?

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What is an empath and what gifts do we have to offer you?

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Empaths and what we feel

There have been several great posts around the internet recently on the subject of being an Empath.

My definition of an empath is somebody who can sense something about other people, locations and sometimes animals or plant life, whether it is an uncomfortable sensation…

  • their discomfort or pain
  • their emotions
  • a ‘disconnect’ e.g. the person is saying one thing, but doing another
  • an energy block or trauma
  • a hole in the soul (manifesting as a pulling or drawing sensation on other people’s energy)
  • a vampiristic energy posture (more like the focus of suckers or teeth – rather than the one above which is more like an all-over vacuuming sensation!)
  • an energy imprint that is distressing
  • a location where a murder, trauma, death or multiple deaths have occurred
  • a tree, plant or area with a dark aura

or a beautiful sensation…

  • a clear and open heart
  • a powerful energy-balancing persona
  • a sense of ‘everything is going to be alright’
  • pure love (small children, animals)
  • deep wisdom (people, trees, locations)
  • clean food prepared with love
  • a powerful energy vortex (Sedona, AZ, Stonehenge UK).

I like Jennifer O’Neill’s definition of being an empath, as

one of the most confusing of the psychic gifts“.

To be an empath and be unaware can be very distressing

If an empath is unaware of their gifts, all that is known to them is that they are always feeling something and that ‘something’ is intense, can take over the whole body and mind and possibly take an empath away from their center, often requiring days to recover.

The other difficulty for an unaware empath is that this reaction can result in extreme judgements.

“You are too sensitive”, “You are anti-social”, or an attempt to redefine the behavior into something more convenient by discounting it “That’s ridiculous” “How can you possibly know that?”.

The fact is, if you are empath you have powerful psychic and social gifts which our society has yet to fully appreciate from your view of the world.

Empaths – we are gifted!

Empaths make great…

  1. Medical professionals and healers – we can feel exactly what you need, when you need it
  2. Carers of children and animals – for the same reason as above
  3. Architects and designers because we can feel how a space will be
  4. Chefs and cooks – we want the food to make you feel fulfilled and loved
  5. Artists – we can bring an emotion and pull it into matter for others to ‘feel’
  6. Counselors of all kinds – some empaths can feel people from a distance and can help with relationship interactions.

I’m sure there are empaths out there who can think of some more gifts!

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