Spiritual Gifts For Valentine’s Day | Some heart-opening ideas

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Spiritual Gifts For Valentine’s Day | Some heart-opening ideas

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Spiritual gifts for Valentine's DaySpiritual Gifts for Valentine’s Day and some history and faction around Saint Valentine

Valentine’s Day, or St Valentine’s Day, honors an early Christian Martyr, Saint Valentine and only became associated with love and sharing gifts with a loved one in the High Middle Ages.

There are several stories surrounding Saint Valentine – in life, he may have been a priest who married lovers secretly against the wishes of a Roman Emperor, or that he was an imprisoned man who sent his lover a ‘Valentine’ – a note declaring his love.

Either way, we choose to open our hearts on February 14th and show our loved ones how much we care.

Here are some ideas for spiritual gifts for Valentine’s Day – something a little different for the loved one or family member on a Spiritual Journey.

Spiritual Gifts on Valentine’s Day – send a free E-Card

Spiritual Gifts for Valentines Day

Beautiful Image of the Heart Chakra – choose from many other card types, too – click the image to visit Isha’s site

I’ve loved Isha Lerner’s site for a long time and it’s a great place to visit for a free card reading, or to send an E-Card.  I have two of Isha’s card packs and very much like her Flower Essences also.

You can also visit her site to buy flower essences or get a partner astrological reading amongst other things.

The card decks can be purchased also – I have the Triple Goddess Tarot which I very much like, which comes with a very comprehensive book if you are new to using Tarot or divining cards of any kind.

The art work on this site is unique and beautiful, definitely a spiritual gift for Valentine’s Day.

Angelic Spiritual Gifts on Valentine’s Day – Doreen Virtue’s collection of work

If you are looking for a gift for somebody interested in learning more about the energy of angels, or angelic healing work, then Doreen Virtue’s books and CDs are an excellent place to start.

spiritual gifts for valentine's dayspiritual gifts for valentine's day
Here are two of my favorites.  My children very much enjoy the the Angel Numbers 101 book and the app is now available for the iPhone.

spiritual gifts for valentine's dayspiritual gifts for valentine's dayI refer to the Archangels and Ascended Masters book a lot should I receive some information when meditating or working with clients.

It’s also a great introduction to working with angelic energies, no need to be a practitioner to gain benefit from the deep messages in this book.

spiritual gifts for valentine's day

Visit www.chocolatreecafe.com to order online

And last but not least, even for the spiritual person – even Spiritual Gifts For Valentine’s Day are not complete without chocolate!

My personal favorite (only had them a few times and still remember them!) Chocolate L.O.V.E Cups from the ChocolaTree in Sedona, AZ.

Their site refers to these as ‘Live Organic Vegan Euphoria’.  That about sums it up…

You only need one, it makes you happy all day (raw chocolate) and there is absolutely no sugar spike!  L.O.V.E. Cups!  And you can order them online!  🙂

Hope you enjoyed my list of spiritual gifts for Valentine’s Day.  I wish you an open-hearted day.


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  1. Now those are the kinds of gifts I would love. Thank s for the great links.

  2. marian says:

    I am a little late reading these but i can still commit them to memory for next year which is what I plan to do!

    I never thought i would see a spiritual ecard though, I never think modern tech and spirituality work as one, they are very different, opposites almost!

    • Hi Marian

      Thanks for your comment. It’s really interesting to me how technology and spirituality are working together (and who’da thunk it!). So many people are connecting all over the planet with social media and promoting their services online (me included!). Now there are open source systems like WordPress, I think spirituality and technology can work together, it’s simply a case of the intention behind the technology matching the intention behind spiritual work.


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