The Gift of the Golden Dolphin – a chakra exercise book for children

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The Gift of the Golden Dolphin – a chakra exercise book for children

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Gift of the Golden Dolphingift of the golden dolphinThe Gift of the Golden Dolphin by Peggy Phoenix-Dubro (Audio CD Included)

I’ve had the Gift Of The Golden Dolphin book for two years so far and both my children enjoy the story and the pictures very much.

The author is Peggy Phoenix Dubro, the originator of the EMF Balancing Technique®.  

I’m an EMF Balancing Technique® practitioner and bought the book whilst away on an EMF Practitioner training.

Beautiful pictures and a simple guide to the chakras for children

The Gift of the Golden Dolphin is a nice sized book with bright illustrations and teaches children an energy exercise/meditation called The Spiral Sweep.

I first experienced the Spiral Sweep meditation when I was pregnant and visiting a friend in the UK. 

The meditation was presented to a group by an EMF Balancing Technique® practitioner and I found it to be a powerful and healing energy exercise and meditation method.

My oldest daughter particularly liked the Audio CD attached to the Gift of the Golden Dolphin storybook.

The Spiral Sweep Energy Exercise is the exercise that permeates the Gift of the Golden Dolphin book – definitely good for children of all ages!

The front cover of the book has the subtitle “The Spiral Sweep Energy Exercise – for children of all ages”. 🙂

If you are new to the concept of energy centers and balancing your energy, then this book and audio CD will work well for you too.  Once you’ve read the story, the entire energy exercise is listed separately at the back of the book for reference.

The Gift of the Golden Dolphin – highly recommended (even my daughter’s teacher borrowed it for information!)

I think this book would be a great addition to any home where children are encouraged to work with their energy or practice regular meditation.

It really helps my oldest daughter Callie, who is very energy sensitive and can easily head ‘out of her body’ when her imagination takes her. 

This exercise has helped her to understand what ‘grounding’ means in a literal body sense.

Luckily for me, her teachers are open-minded enough to help with energetic language in the classroom for Callie, and all have noticed that Callie can focus better when the teachers ask her ‘to stay in her body’.

One of the teachers has borrowed the book twice, too!


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  1. Hey, I hopped over to your web site from mixx. It’s not something I would normally read, but I liked your spin on it. Thank you for making something worth reading

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