Organic food is becoming more affordable…let’s keep voting with our wallets when we can!

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Organic food is becoming more affordable…let’s keep voting with our wallets when we can!

Organic food more affordable

Organic food more affordable in this part of the ‘Heartland’ – apples have made it!

Doing a quick shop in my local Dillons last week, I was pleased and surprised to notice this price match.  (See photos below).

organic food becoming more affordable
Pink Lady Apples (non-organic) $1.99 a pound


Organic food more affordable
Organic apples (Fuji), also $1.99 a pound

Why buy organic food over other types of food sources?

Coming from the UK I’m used to seeing affordable options and sometimes only organic food sources available in stores.  Shopping here in Wichita, KS sometimes I feel that my options are limited unless I really want to spend an arm and a leg for organic food.  But why would you want to try organic food if you’re on a fixed budget, especially in the current financial climate?

Well the chances are you’ll be ingesting pesticides along with your non-organic product and the non-organic product may also contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or a trace of Bt toxins (present in Ready Roundup, a product that has been genetically spliced into many vegetables and fruits).

If people haven’t experienced organic food (and many haven’t, or won’t buy organic food in this part of the country…) then it can just seem like a fancy option – but read on

Fancy or otherwise, I have been reading a number of reports that show Bt toxins (Monsanto’s Ready Roundup product) are now freely available in women’s bloodstreams, and that means, in our children.  Here’s a quote from posted May 20 2011.

New research from Canada has found a Bt toxin produced by GM insect resistant crops in the blood of women and clear evidence that it was passed to fetuses.

Pesticides used on GM herbicide tolerant (HT) crops were also detected.

GM Freeze is calling for an immediate halt to GM Bt crop cultivation and imports of Bt GM food and feed until the findings are properly evaluated and further study confirms product safety.

The same Bt toxin as detected by the researchers is present in Mon810 maize, which has EU cultivation approval but is currently banned in France, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Luxemburg and Greece.

Rest of the article here.


Organic Food and Sustainable farming options are growing…but more still needs to be done because we’re all still living with the effects of pesticides

organic foods

San Joaquin valley picture from

I lived in the San Joaquin Valley, Lemoore, CA for a few years from June 2002-June 2005.  As a Brit it was my first experience of mono-culture on a huge scale.  Almond trees joined in each other in orchards towards the horizon.

There are two big factories in Lemoore – one which makes mozarella cheese and another which I was told makes the majority of tomato flavoring for Doritos.  The San Joaquin Valley is bounded by two ranges of mountains…because of the agricultural activity in the valley (which is a huge valley in itself) this created a fog and other airborne contaminents.  This meant that on average we saw the mountains twice a year if we were lucky.

My children and myself were accidentally sprayed one by a crop-dusting ‘plane whilst we were driving our car onto the Navy Base at Lemoore.  People regularly suffered from allergies every fall when the Egyptian cotton harvest was sprayed to kill the plants, so that the huge automated boll picking machines could pick up the  cotton bolls.

During the short time I lived there, a local town had 50 people sent to the ER on one day because the wind changed when crop-dusters were spraying the local potato crop with pesticides and the pesticide went the wrong way.  People were in the ER with breathing difficulties and heart problems.

And then there’s the feedlot beef farms.  Certainly when I lived there, you could smell them before you could see them.  They were not pleasant places to be.

…and then we eat the food…

When I left Lemoore, the land of monoculture and food that was not organic…I felt like I had a narrow escape

…I was reading a national paper in the Navy Lodge in Lexington MD.  My husband’s next post was there.  I felt like I had a lucky escape.  People in Fresno, CA (about 40 miles North of where we were living in Lemoore) were reporting fetal abnormalities in the Fresno area “due to high levels of phosphates/fertilizers” in the water supply.  I had noticed that the water was often a strange color in Lemoore, we didn’t drink it and had to replace some of our bathroom faucets while we were there as they corroded for some strange reason.  I gave birth to my daughter Arianna in Lemoore in August of 2003.

So when organic apples are $1.99, grown without pesticides…and the non-organic apples are the same price, (pesticides come free with the product?)  can you really still afford to look the other way?


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