5 Spiritual Gifts for Christmas 2019

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5 Spiritual Gifts for Christmas 2019

spiritual gifts for Christmas

Christmas Gifts for Spiritual people

Do you want some ideas for spiritual gifts for Christmas?

Managing the trifecta of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a challenge!  No sooner than the Halloween decorations are down and packed away, we in the USA see the stores full of Christmas gifts.

All this is happening while we are managing Thanksgiving, possibly with a family gathering and a large meal.  We may also be in the position of being single at Christmas or mourning the loss of loved ones.

It can be a difficult time for anyone.  Then there is the Christmas list!

If you read this blog then you are most likely into spiritual subjects, so this year I thought I’d put together 10 different spiritual gifts for Christmas.

This way, you can find some ideas for yourself, or to help other like-minded friends or family members along on the journey.

So here is this year’s list.

My top 10 Spiritual Gifts for Christmas

1. The Five Elements – the oldest known personality test in the world!

spiritual gifts for ChristmasThe Five Elements book by Dondi Dahlin – The Five Elements: Understand Yourself and Enhance Your Relationships with the Wisdom of the World’s Oldest Personality Type System was recommended to me by my dear friend Marty Golden.

Marty is herself a 5-element acupuncturist and Zero-Balancing practitioner at Wichita Holistic.  (If you get a face to face reading with me, it may well be at Marty’s lovely offices on the East Side of Wichita).

Dondi Dahlin is the daughter of Donna Eden and has spent time compiling this personality profiling book based on the ancient healing system of the 5 elements.  5 Element Acupuncture is a Chinese system of Medicine over 2,000 years old.

Everyone will enjoy this book!  It’s an easy and entertaining read and teaches you about energy and meridians.  There are also enough examples of personality types to have you cackling and identifying yourself and others.


2.  Young Living Christmas Gifts

Picking True Lavender in the Young Living fields, Utah

If you are quick off the mark, you can order some lovely luxurious Young Living Products for December 2019.

I’ve just enjoyed Young Living’s Shower Steamers, which make a lovely gift.

You simply put one of the stars at the bottom of your tub – the opposite end from the showerhead.  The steam makes the oils in them rise up and refresh you as you shower.  Great for an energy boost this season!

There are also some very nice bath bombs and all the usual great smelling oils for your house at Christmas time.  Feel free to contact me here if you would like to order.


3.  The Akashic Tarot Cards

This deck, The Akashic Tarot: A 62-card Deck and Guidebook is very powerful energetically and has been designed to help you read future potentials.

spiritual gifts for ChristmasIf you have read my free learning series on email, or have studied the Akashic Records in some way, you will know that the Akashic Records is a ‘Record’, literally, of our past.

As a Soul moves through its’ journey it leaves an Akashic ‘Record’ of actions, thoughts, emotions, and circumstances in the past as an energetic data trail.

This data trail includes Past Lives, and everything happening in the Soul’s present life up until the present moment.

As a result of reading the Akashic Records we can to make better choices by learning to read future probabilities and possibilities.

The Akashic Tarot is a powerful card deck and will make a great gift for anyone interested in the Akashic Records or Tarot work.  If you like spiritual gifts for Christmas, then I highly recommend this deck.

Here’s my in-depth review of the deck if you want to read more about the Akashic Tarot.


4. Sacred Geometry and the Stargate

sacred geometry

Experiencing the Stargate is an interesting process.  Built using Sacred Geometry by Prageet Harris, the full-sized Stargates are traveling the world with him and his partner.

They are sharing the unifying energies of the Stargate worldwide.

You can experience Stargate Readings with me, or even buy your own Stargate using this affiliate link.  Metaforms also create other sacred geometric forms for energetic and spiritual support.

Click the affiliate link below for more information about Stargates and Heart Companion Pendants


5. Mama WunderBar smudging and space clearing kits

spiritual gifts for ChristmasMama WunderBar kits are highly quality smudging and space clearing kits.  They give you an excellent selection of different space clearing and energy balancing tools for the home and business.

I love their Palo Santo wood as well as the different smudging bundles available.  These kits make great spiritual gifts for Christmas!

If you are new to smudging and space clearing practice, here’s a review I wrote about Mama Wunderbar, plus information on how to clear your energy and the energy of a house or location.

Available for order on Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed my list of Spiritual Gifts for Christmas.  Wishing you a happy and healthy Christmas Season this year.


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