Pulling the threads together on the Spiritual Journey and weird things happening

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Pulling the threads together on the Spiritual Journey and weird things happening

using crystals

The Spiritual Journey…how it happened for me

I get to be part of some great Facebook groups and they inspire my work!

This week in a group called Soul-Fully Inspired I asked some of the other people how they got started on the Journey and what weird happenings got things moving for them.  For me, the Journey started with experiences that I assumed other people were having.

As a child, I always knew

– who had evil behavior close to the surface
– who was good, kind and trustworthy
– that I had company all the time, even when I was alone – didn’t know it was spirit based, though…
– there were a lot of flashing lights, moving ‘stuff’ and presences, especially visible in my room at night.

The start of the spiritual journey – disapproval

At the time when I discussed these things with my mother, she gave me the “disapproving and you’re also being ridiculous” combo look. I’m sure most people have received that look at one time or another. For her, she had been shut down in so many ways that she felt it wasn’t safe for me to express myself in that way either.

It didn’t stop her planting a Rowan tree in our garden (her ‘jokey’ reason) to keep away the witches!

She regularly communicated with animals. We had a local squirrel who learned to knock on the front door for Rice Krispies. It was a glass door with the ripples…he learned to jump up and tap the glass on each jump until the door opened. Then we would feed him each Rice Krispie by hand. I still remember his little paws holding them as he nibbled each one on down.

Hedgehog magick on the spiritual journey

My mum also fed hedgehogs with bread and milk. Our record number of hedgehog visitors in one night was thirteen! They came down from the field opposite in a honking, grunting line and we rushed to put out more bread and milk to feed everyone. It was an amazing experience for a child. I remember the full moon being out, too.

Mum would also ‘save’ bees.

If they got tired, sleepy and cold at the end of the season, she would pick them up and bring them in the house (with gardening gloves on) and place them on the edge of a spoon of honey or sugar water. The bee would start to revive in the warmth of the house and then start drinking the honey or water.

Soon its’ wings would start buzzing and once it was active, Mum would move the spoon outside and off the bee would fly. Bumblebees were her especial favorite.

She unashamedly talked to plants, both indoors and out

Her houseplants were wonderful and so was her garden, with homegrown fruits and veggies and homemade jams and jellies. I believe she understood the world of energy and how to get along with plants and animals very well…in fact, I believe she chose it over trying to get along with people most of the time!

I knew that she knew things when I did…but that it wasn’t admissible to talk about it. At least she was a compassionate witness. It is very frustrating to have premonitions or sense things happening when you have no-one to share your experiences with.

So all this knowledge was always there for me. Probably in another life my mum might have been burned at the stake for this kind of ‘magical’ behavior.

From material wealth to the spiritual journey…and onward

As I grew older and left home I focused fully on growing a career and achieving material gain. It wasn’t really until my early thirties that the other ‘magic’ started to kick in. I became very drawn to crystals, read a lot of books about crystals and went to a crystal fair and workshop with my friend and business partner at the time.

She was on a similar journey to me and would ask me to accompany her to workshops for what she called her ‘dose of weird’.

using crystals

A quartz crystal with inclusions (other substances), some creating rainbows

As we walked in the door of this place after work on a Friday night, me still in my suit and with briefcase in hand…I stopped to inspect some crystals at a stand.

The woman behind the stand grabbed my arm and said

“Your energy is blue…completely blue and you need to be working with crystals and practicing energy work – what are your connections with Egypt?”.

My response was very interesting…one half of me was embarrassed and surprised…the other half just seemed to know that what she said was true.

I moved away from her…not knowing what to say and headed off to a crystal workshop I was interested in attending.

Later on I headed back in the same direction and this lady apologized to me for grabbing my arm and asked me what she had said.  She reported that she rarely received information like that — so I should probably pay attention.

It seemed pretty weird at the time…but since I’ve made it to the New Normal I’m glad and happy that I received that particular dose of weird.

And I still love working with crystals!

What about you? Where are you on the Spiritual Journey and why did you find yourself reading this article or clicking on my site?

Let me know!

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