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Everyday Scrying – or how to open your third eye further

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Everyday Scrying – or how to open your third eye further


Everyday Scrying – a talk with Tricia Dycka in the Facebook Spiritual Freedom Group

scryingHope you like my picture! Kim Kardashian’s selfies have nothing on mine.

Can you see/descry me in my scrying mirror??  I bought this mirror through a friend who happened to be visiting the Tuscon crystal show and it’s made from obsidian (volcanic glass).  It’s the same type of material that Nostradamus used for his scrying mirror – although I guess he didn’t take selfies with it.

Michel de Nostredame, usually Latinised as Nostradamus, was a French apothecary and reputed seer who published collections of prophecies that have since become famous worldwide.

What is Scrying?

Scrying comes from the old English ‘descry’ meaning to perceive or look beyond.  Some very old-fashioned ways to scry or look beyond include mirrors (dark mirrors like this one before glass was invented)…polished metal, ‘seeing’ pools of water or large bowls of water, fires, smoke and of course the good old crystal ball.

So how do we scry?

Scrying with a mirror or other reflective object is simply a way to clear the mind and let the third eye (brow/third eye chakra) open up and become active.  Sometimes it’s possible to meditate and ask to see your own third eye…in fact, when Doreen Virtue, the Angel lady was going through part of her spiritual awakening she kept seeing this eye in her mind.  After a workshop with another practitioner (I think it was Denise Linn…but don’t quote me on that), she realized that she was seeing her own third eye.

The purpose of scrying (using a tool to access the clairvoyant intuitive channel) in my view is to free the mind and therefore help us to slip into the state of being clairvoyant or clear-seeing, more easily.

As Pam Grout says in E3

Being in a playful state releases you from the left brain trap.  It allows you to let go of the mental constructs of limited space and time.

The left brain is so busy looking at whatever the scrying tool is, the right brain can do its thing unhindered.

Before practicing scrying…

Always set appropriate protection first.  Whatever you like to do that clears a space and makes it sacred…I read a stanza from Linda Howe’s Pathway Prayer…you could sage, drum, meditate…whatever is appropriate for you.

Pick a scrying tool that you really like!  I do very much like my obsidian mirror, even though my husband, being my husband, told me it looked like a coaster.

The point is, choose something that you love or that really works for you.  Somebody on this podcast said they find quartz crystals really work for them, someone else can see images by looking at clouds, trees or even patterns in ceiling tiles or wallpaper.  Looking into a flickering fire was Tricia’s favorite.  I have a small crystal ball given to me by a dear friend who has since passed away…and I love it because of her, so it works perfectly for me too.

The three steps to the practice of scrying

  1. First, see what is there
  2. Then play with what is there
  3. Then ask for what else there is to come on in related to the subject of inquiry.

Practice a softened gaze…look past your scrying object, through or into.  For a softened gaze, hold your hand in front of your eyes and practice looking past your hand so that it becomes blurred in your vision.

Have fun and stay relaxed.  You can journal what you find…some might just be the brain working away…then you may start receiving a series of images that seem to come from nowhere…describe them and keep notes.  At some point, they may make sense!

Practicing scrying with…

Clouds, carpets, wallpaper, curtains, smoke, fire, candles.

Use the iPhone, Android phone or iPad/tablet screen as a mirror!  It’s the modern version of the obsidian mirror.  (Until you get distracted by Pinterest, that is).

Look for faces in cars, boats, houses…trees

Recently I reviewed this book by Sherrie Dillard called Discover Your Psychic Type.  Using her system and working within my own Akashic Records, I came up with some ideas to help the different Psychic Types to scry.

  • For Spiritual Intuitives – imagine the crown chakra opening, look up inside to your third eye between your two actual eyes!  Throw your energy out of yourself, a floaty feeling when you meditate
  • For Physical Intuitives – Jump, swing, skip rope, daydream.
  • For Mental Intuitives – Balance left and right brain, Brain Gym, crosswords, puzzles.  A mental activity that is relaxing.
  • Emotional Intuitives –  Talk and meditate with a crystal, talk to plants and trees, look at cute puppies and kittens, dance, gaze into a fire.

Practice scrying with your face (face-reading)

Use a darkened room to help free and relax the mind, ‘scry’ your face, or face read, focus only on the left eye (in your reflection) and see what happens. Let me know your scrying results!


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