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Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

energy vampires

Energy vampires really do exist

Energy Vampires – do they exist? We’ve all heard about those people that drain us or bring us down…just by being in the room.  I believe that some people can engage in vampiric energy behavior without even knowing it – and others do it with conscious intent.  Either way, I do believe in energy vampires.…
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using crystals

Pulling the threads together on the Spiritual Journey and weird things happening

The Spiritual Journey…how it happened for me I get to be part of some great Facebook groups and they inspire my work! This week in a group called Soul-Fully Inspired I asked some of the other people how they got started on the Journey and what weird happenings got things moving for them.  For me,…
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Everyday Scrying – or how to open your third eye further

What is scrying? It’s an old English word for being clairvoyant, clear-seeing or psychic in the visual sense. People used to use dark glass (before silvered glass was invented), polished metal, a crystal ball or even smoke or the flames from a fire to see visions and inspirations or even seek advice. Here’s a free podcast on how to get started for yourself.

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Spiritual Awakening Is Happening and Becoming More Global

Are you going through a spiritual awakening, or perhaps you are hopeful that the human race will go through one? Me too. I’ve updated this post for February 2024 – since we are now moving into the Aquarian Age – traditionally seen as the time for a Golden Age of consciousness. It is heartening to…
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Letter to Moms, Mums and Mamas for 2015 – New Energy

Dear Mothers everywhere A New Year is on it’s way…as we clear up after our children and vow to begin again…what shall we begin? How about a Year of New Energy? There is so much that needs healing and change on the Earth, how can we help? Perhaps with our energy, perhaps with just a…
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psychic type

Book Review for Discover your Psychic Type – Emot

What is intuition in relation to our psychic type? In this book, Sherrie Dillard defines intuition as follows… Intuition is the ability to understand or know something immediately and without conscious reasoning.

In this book you will discover your psychic type. Are you a physical intuitive, an emotional intuitive, or something else? This book will help you to find out. An extremely useful read on the path to developing your intuition.

past lives

Why work with Past Lives?

  Past Lives – why work with them? I first came into contact with the idea of Past Lives during a workshop with a wonderful practitioner called Denise Linn. I spent a day learning how past lives have affected my present life and some of the choices I have made.  It was emotional, energetic, and…
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personal energy

Personal Energy – a surreal experience

Personal Energy – a surreal experience As a Brit abroad on the Kansas Prairie, I am currently a Permanent Resident of the United States…meaning that I need a Green Card. Last week was time for my first renewal, so after some online paperwork and fees I headed to my local USCIS office in Wichita, KS…
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how to develop your intuition exercises

3 Simple Intuition Exercises to Help You Grow Your Intuitive Ability

We all enjoy it when a hunch or gut feeling pays off, so here are some simple how to develop your intuition exercises. If we learn to connect with intuition, we can begin to rely on hunches a lot more often – and have some fun with it, too. What is intuition or inner guidance?…
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empath moms

Empath Moms and Children

Are you an empath, or perhaps an awakening empath?

What if you are a mom, also?

How do you deal with energetic overload, sensory overload, and just plain dealing with family life?

Check out this post for some ideas and thoughts on the subject of being an Empath Mom, and for more resources, either search for ’empath’ on the blog page or click this link to see all posts about Empaths>>.

Did you know that sometimes being overcaring, or extremely nurturing, can be a karmic glitch in your Akashic Record because of patriarchal energy or repeated lifetimes of over-giving?

Interested in creating success on your spiritual journey? Awaken your Akashic Records, develop your intuition, experience growth and abundance!

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Mom On A Spiritual Journey Astore

Some free resources for the Spiritual Journey – help!

Free Resources for the Spiritual Journey I often get contacted by people who are having premonitions or some kind of spiritual awakening…but they don’t currently have the money to get a reading or Personal Energy Coaching. Common questions people ask me or call me about During the last two months especially a lot more people…
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Energetic Projection as a lesson taught by my daughter

What is energetic projection? We like to create our own pictures of reality and paste them over other people – that’s essentially it! My daughter reminds me that I am not immune to doing this just because I work with energy.