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3 Simple Intuition Exercises to Help You Grow Your Intuitive Ability

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3 Simple Intuition Exercises to Help You Grow Your Intuitive Ability

how to develop your intuition exercises

We all enjoy it when a hunch or gut feeling pays off, so here are some simple how to develop your intuition exercises. If we learn to connect with intuition, we can begin to rely on hunches a lot more often – and have some fun with it, too.

What is intuition or inner guidance?

Intuition is often defined as inner knowing, having a hunch, or sensing guidance from an awareness that seems greater than our own.

How to connect with intuition in a more meaningful way?

Most of us have gut feelings or hunches from time to time.

Can we get more intentional about connecting with our intuition?

This would definitely be a useful tool – but where to begin? This is where how to develop your intuition exercises come in.

How to Connect With Intuition in the Body

There are many aspects of our mind, body, and Personal Energy that are involved in the intuitive process.

The easiest place to begin is with our innate intuition. As humans, we all have the ability to feel the back of the neck prickling when we think someone is staring at us.

I have certainly experienced this a lot having a dog! She was a dachshund and they are very good at staring to get attention.

In science, this sense of being stared at is called Directional Scopaesthesia and it was researched by a physician Dr Rupert Sheldrake. He was interested in how this phenomenon affects our theories of human sight.

This means that we can sense other people’s presence without looking at them. This whole-body experience is one way to connect with intuition.

Are Clairs Real?

In traditional psychic work, there is a lot of talk about the 8 Clairs (French for ‘clear’). So, clairvoyance translated is ‘clear-seeing’.

The 8 Clairs in short are thought to be: –

  • Inner or outer visions clairvoyance
  • Audible thoughts, voices, or ideasclairaudience
  • Feelings that don’t seem to come from our own thoughts clairsentience
  • Knowing – a sudden whole body knowing or gut feel claircognizance
  • Taste – sensing a taste that isn’t present in the mouth physically clairgustance
  • Smells – smelling something that isn’t present physically clairalience
  • Touch – being able to intuit validatable information from touching or holding an object clairtangency
  • Emotion – experiencing emotions which are not our own clairempathy.

As I’ve spent more time and effort working with my intuition exercises, I’ve noticed that I’m quite strongly clairaudient. It often comes first for me, swiftly followed by clairvoyance.

So again, you can see that a lot of intuitive work relates to using the whole body as an instrument, not just by employing the mind or the third eye.

Human Design and its connection to intuition

Active Gates can Sometimes Relate to Being Intuitive

In the energy reading system of Human Design, we can discover our innate intuitive skills from active gates and planetary influences in our Human Design Chart.

For example, I have gate 2, the Gate of Receptivity, active in my Self Chakra.

This means that as part of my identity, I have access to inner knowledge that can’t be easily explained. To see my Human Design Chart, go to this page and scroll down.

Open Centers, or Certain Chakra Combinations

If a person has an open Spleen Chakra like I do, this means that I have an uninterrupted energy source in my body that can scan a room.

I can sense, taste, and feel fears, worries, ideas, and thoughts in the present moment.

I am always having to check whether I am feeling my stuff, or someone else’s. It can be really useful, or rather overwhelming, depending upon my level of energy at the time.

Working with a unique energy measuring system like Human Design can be incredibly useful in giving us answers to how our intuition actually works.

How to Develop Your Intuition Exercises

1. The Mailbox/Post Box Exercise

person holding white envelope
Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

Imagine what has arrived in your mailbox or PO Box today.

Is the parcel you’ve been waiting for there?  Is the mailbox empty or does it have something inside?

What does ‘fullness’ or ’emptiness’ feel like to you intuitively and how could you apply this knowledge to this exercise?

Perhaps you ‘see’ your mail at a distance, or ‘hear’ a voice telling you about it?

Write down your intuitive hunches and then go and check the mail. Repeat for a week and see if your accuracy improves.

2. The Phone Intuition Exercise

pensive ethnic man listening to answer in paper cup phone
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Who is calling you on the phone or even – who is about to call? Try intuitively sensing who it is each time.

You’ll get better and better at it and probably surprise a few callers with your knowledge.  Of course, this involves not looking to see who is calling before you guess!

What fleeting thoughts did you have just before the phone rang? 

Sometimes the thoughts can be about: –

  • the person calling (most common).
  • A project or subject related to the phone call.
  • Some seemingly random vision, thought, idea or feeling that you realize later is related to the incoming call.

This is one of my favorites in how to develop your intuition exercises, because it’s something that many people have experienced already.

Breaking your experiences down into smaller steps, and journaling them, will help you to become more accurate.

3. The Three ‘3’s Intuition Exercise

three animal head pencils
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

Notice the ‘3’s. Did you see 3 butterflies today for example? (I did!).

What does that mean to you intuitively?  (To me – with the butterflies – it means that Loved Ones who have passed are thinking of me).

Has somebody mentioned a new book to you 3 times…perhaps it’s time to read it, or a new supplement or juice?  Whatever it is, take note…this is synchronicity.

Sometimes synchronous events don’t seem meaningful until some time has passed, and we begin to connect the dots.

For example, when looking for a new house a few years back, my Guides kept mentioning that I would see birds at the entrance to the home.

At the time, I interpreted this as a subdivision with a bird name.

After we had lived in our house for a few years, I looked at the double mailbox, joined to the next-door neighbors’.

I realized each mailbox had the postbox symbol of the eagle on it. Twin birds!

Improve your intuition with readings

When I first started practicing my Akashic Records reading work back in 2010, my first teacher told me that working with our Records can increase intuition.

I can only say that after this many years, she was definitely right.

Connecting with intuition can be increased by connecting with your Akashic Records.

You could start with a General Reading or delve more deeply into the nature of your Soul-level energy patterns with the Soul Star Reading.

Human Design Readings are also available, you can connect with me here at the client portal to book or ask questions.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and perhaps you will experiment with the 3 exercises. If you get some hits, feel free to comment below.

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  1. psychicmind says:

    I believe that all human beings have psychic ability, or strong intuitive instincts. Developed, it can enhance our ability to make better choices and decisions. I really enjoyed reading this article. It was well written and informative. I have used the mail box exercise and have found it to be very powerful. I will definitely give the others a try.

    • Hi there psychicmind,

      Thanks for dropping by and for trying out one of my exercises! I too believe that all human beings have psychic gifts of one kind or another. Glad you enjoyed the post.



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  3. […] just relaxing, of course.  But have a think about it.  If you perceive a little more than you would like to sometimes, and it doesn’t seem as appare…, your intuition may be in play and that can be tough to deal […]

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