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Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

you are dearly loved

What is an empath and what gifts do we have to offer you?

Empaths and what we feel There have been several great posts around the internet recently on the subject of being an Empath. My definition of an empath is somebody who can sense something about other people, locations and sometimes animals or plant life, whether it is an uncomfortable sensation… their discomfort or pain their emotions…
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you are dearly loved

How to be an effective empath | With great sensitivity comes great responsibility

How to be an effective empath Lunching with a good friend recently, we were discussing energy work and the nature of energetic sensitivity and empathic ability – and how to be an effective empath. What is ‘being an effective empath?’ Some examples are… knowing that somebody feels one way even thought they are acting in…
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spiritual medium

Spiritual Mediumship With My Mum Changed My Life Forever

A difficult time for our family when my brother and I moved my mum into hospice turned into a spiritually enlightening situation for me.

personal energy

How do I read others emotions to develop my intuition?

Emotions are energy… It’s all about energy, really. And instinct. And intuition. And a bit of regular practice. And it’s not that difficult…you need to start to understand that emotions are just another form of energy – what’s special about emotional energy is that it can effect how we feel! Emotion = Energy in motion…
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Have You Been Slimed By Energy? How To Know And What To Do

Got slime? Sometimes we can tell when others are tuning into our light or vibration and are taking from us rather than source. This blog post, PDF and podcast from Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey will help you de-slime.

10 things you don't know about Sarah Lawrence

10 things you don’t know about Sarah Lawrence

This post marks 150 blog posts written here! I’ve chosen to use a friends’ writing exercise – 10 things you don’t know about me – to celebrate my 150 blog post mark! I hope you enjoy this – 10 things you didn’t know about Sarah Lawrence.

Spreading the light

How can I allow emotions to be my guide? | Help develop your intuition further

How to allow emotions to be my guide What is the benefit of allowing emotions to be my guide? It’s easy to misinterpret this approach as being ‘overly emotional’ or ‘impulsive’. From the perspective of the spiritual journey though, what is meant is that a person allows themselves to become more in touch with their…
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Highly sensitive person or hsp

Being too sensitive | Are you a highly sensitive person (HSP)? | Having a highly sensitive child – some thoughts

Being ‘too sensitive’, a Highly Sensitive Person or having Sensory-Processing Sensitivity I am an HSP (highly sensitive person) and so is my oldest daughter.  A  Highly Sensitive Person (or person having Sensory-Processing Sensitivity) is somebody who is defined as a person with an innate behavioral trait where there is a heightened level of observation –…
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Complaint Free World

A Complaint Free World | How to begin to disconnect from the energy of complaints | Bracelets will help!

A Complaint Free World? If you haven’t heard of this movement, it was created by Will Bowen, the lead minister of the One Community Spiritual Center in Kansas City, Missouri. As an innovative Christian leader, he gave a sermon one day about the damaging nature of continuous complaining – and what a great place a…
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indigo children

Sensitive child? Some helps for moms with sensitive children

My sensitive children – in my opinion, in my experience… I’m going to start this post with a great quote from one of my favorite judges on the tv series The Good Wife.  Don’t know if you follow that series but there is a judge on there that all the lawyers do much better with if…
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Five Good Reasons Why You Should Take Homeopathy Seriously

Homeopathy – it’s here, it heals and helps and it’s not just a ‘placebo’ or an alternative to ‘try’ Homeopathy heals and helps us.  It’s official, it’s scientific and it’s here to stay, if those of us who use it, rely on it and find relief from illness by applying homeopathy have anything to do…
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Highly sensitive person or hsp

Are you highly sensitive? See if this resonates for you

Are you or your child ‘too sensitive’?  Remember to say thanks! [ctt title=”As a child I was often told I was \’too sensitive\’ or \’too imaginative\’.” tweet=”As a child I was often told I was ‘too sensitive’ or ‘too imaginative’. http://ctt.ec/4XneN+ @SarahsEnergy” coverup=”4XneN”] I had deep and powerful emotional – and sometimes physical – responses to…
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