Ask and you shall receive | Use clear intention and the New Energy responds really quickly!

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Ask and you shall receive | Use clear intention and the New Energy responds really quickly!

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Ask and You Shall Receive

Ask and you shall receiveI’ve always liked this phrase, which I believe is paraphrased from Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”


As a very independent person, I’ve found the asking part hard, and so, as always the universe, or energy responds with “yes”.  (As in… “Since you were not asking….yes, you will receive no help!”)

Speeding up the process of Ask and You Shall Receive

Ask and You Shall Receiveask and you shall receive
Watching Gary Zukav on OWN last night after a very busy weekend I realized that what he was saying about clear intentions has a very close relationship with our success in the universe when ‘asking’ and hoping to ‘receive’.

I have Gary’s book ‘Seat of the Soul’ and read it several years ago, very much enjoying the contents but at the time found it very wordy.

Last night though I watched part of the interview and something new clicked.

Maybe I needed to have read the book like Oprah did, highlighting it, making it dog-eared and eventually figuring out that it was not worth highlighting anything else because she had highlighted everything!

We need to be very clear about our every intention to receive what we are asking

In order to ask and you shall receive, we need to be completely clear about our intentions.

And this is where the words completely clear are so important.

So (you may be asking) how does that work in real life, Sarah?

Well, today I had what might seem like a small experience to some…but it really came down to broadcasting with clear intentions and noticing synchronicity.

Ask and you shall receive in real life

What clicked for me last night with the Gary Zukav interview was that he gave really clear and simple examples about when intention is not clear, and when it is clear.

So, here goes.

For the last few weeks my children have been down with one thing or another.  Now my youngest has ‘the’ stomach flu that is going around.  They’ve been off school a lot and I’m tired because I’ve been taking care of them a lot.  Today my youngest will have some reflexology and I’m using essential oils.

So, I’ve been asking for help with this, but not ‘receiving’.  Have I really been asking for help with clear intention?

No, what I’ve been doing is resenting giving the care (disclaimer – it has gone on for a while! :-)).  I know most moms/mums feel like this at some point, even if they don’t admit it…we all need a break.

Grumping and groaning to myself about how no-one ever takes care of me (I had the stomach flu, too).  Very unclear intentions.

I was asking for help, but  was clouding it with ‘poor me’ energy.  So, the Universe being what it is…it said ‘Yes!’ and gave me no help that I could perceive.

So today, with my second child sick again…I just let go.  I relaxed and said…”Universe, I need some love!”

Ask and receive was hard yesterday – we had no internet!

There were some major problems yesterday with Cox Communications…no internet in parts of Wichita, Topeka and Towanda, KS.

On the phone this morning to the cable provider…I stayed relaxed and waited for pickup.

A lovely lady called Victoria came on the line and we started to work together to fix the problem (which is fixed…as you can see!).

I briefly mentioned my sick daughter and she immediately said “Oh, and who is taking care of you?  Moms need love and nursing too, don’t they?  I’m sending you some love right now!”

An immediate answer, as if this person had been listening to my thoughts before I picked up the phone!  Ask, and you shall receive.

Even that one phone conversation made me feel much better, and less isolated.

And then I was able to ask a friend to take my oldest girl to school, she offered to bring her home, too.

Ask and you shall receive.

I feel so much better already.  It is work, because I need to go inside and figure out what’s really going on with my intentions and emotions – and admit it to myself.

Clear your intentions and what you broadcast will be much more clearly received!


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3 Responses

  1. Ask and you shall receive. Very nicely done. I was inspired. I guess all of us have experienced that kind of thing wherein we feel so helpless and hopeless at the same time but what we don’t realize was that we never asked anyone for help hence the situation. Sometimes, pride gets in the way but that shouldn’t be the case, right? Thanks for the good read. 🙂

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  3. Hi Sarah,
    I loved that book! I read it many years ago after I heard Gary Zukav speak at our Religious Science Church in CA – wow, I remember thinking that he seemed to give off a whole different vibration than the rest of us. When he entered the church (and this was before he was very famous so most of us didn’t know him), you could have heard a pin drop. And when he spoke, it was amazing. For several years after that, I kept emailing Oprah to say that he should be on her show . . . I’ve always wondered!

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