Working with Angels and angelic energy as a spiritual practice | My personal experiences so far inspired by the work of Doreen Virtue

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Working with Angels and angelic energy as a spiritual practice | My personal experiences so far inspired by the work of Doreen Virtue

Working with Angels

Working with Angels and angelic energy

Working with Angels

The white candle burning behind the angel also helps with the energetic ‘feel’ in my house

When I started on my spiritual journey the last thing that I honestly thought about was working with angels.

I started working with crystals first, then meditation – swiftly followed by energy work, but angels were the last thing on my mind…until I took a course with a practitioner called Nancy Hickman who teaches intuitive development in Southern Maryland.

When we began working with angels, I could feel a different energy enter the room

The course I was taking with Nancy focused on how to use angels for psychic protection.

We worked with the energy of Archangel Michael and I could immediately feel an energy enter the room – there was a definite change in temperature and a sense of ‘something else’ there whenever we were working with angels.

Since then I’ve called upon Archangel Michael whenever I’ve felt the need for protection, or for clearing energy from a space or around a person.

Since that course I’ve researched and studied information available from the field of modern spirituality and came across the body of work by Doreen Virtue.  (See book references below for my favorite publications so far by this author).

I bought one of Doreen Virtue’s downloadable podcasts and listened to it about 3 years ago to develop my experience of working with angels further.

The podcast gave descriptions of all the different Archangels and how to know they were present, by color, sense, image and feeling.

What really amazed me about this course was that I would ‘see’ the angel in my mind’s eye, color and all, before Doreen even started speaking – the angel would appear in my mind’s eye simply when the music track started…then her words would confirm my experience.

Doreen’s online course – Advanced Angel Therapy – a specific approach to working with angels

Working with Angelsworking with angelsJust yesterday I had the opportunity to develop my experience of working with angels further – as Doreen Virtue is offering an online course in 4 parts with an interactive question-and-answer session at the end of the course.

During the first course we were taught how to visualize color with music – I hadn’t had anyone suggest this approach to me before – Doreen played some music and asked us specific questions to see what colors came up…and we were then able to interpret useful information about ourselves and our life paths from these colors.

The rest of the course covered how to connect with the angels using colors and begin working with the angels more specifically with crystals.

How interesting…being attracted to crystals was how I got started on this journey in the first place!

Some of my favorite things about working with angels

What I find amazing about connecting with and working with angels is that

  • we can connect with them in the first place – the results amaze me every time.
  • working with angels often gives us immediate answers and responses to our questions using the environment
  • I feel wonderfully uplifted when I am working with angels
  • angel energies transmit to us very clearly through different intuitive channels, such as visions (clairvoyance), sounds and voices (clairaudience) and feelings (clairsentience) once we know how to connect.

My favorite resources from Doreen Virtue to begin working with angels

One thing is for sure, I will continue to develop my spiritual practice working with angels.

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4 Responses

  1. I rarely leave responses, however i did some searching and wound up here Intrigued by the concept of working with Angels? Doreen Virtue

  2. […] I shared a Facebook status from Doreen Virtue’s Facebook Page (the angel lady) about recent energetic events, because I was feeling so low and flat…wondering […]

  3. Mommy8756 says:

    I have been reading doreen virtue books on my Iphone and on recently bought her book healing with angels, I’ve been trying my hardest to connect. I have her raphael healing oracle cards,lifepurpose cards, her Archangels deck and just bought her Tarot cards. I do have a hard time understand when i do my cards, what they mean when i go to do them. and also the tarot is a bit harder for me. they say you can reach your higher self while working with tarot cards, I have been doing this for sometime and I’ve had no major uplifting impact, Yesterday my husband lost his job, I am a stay at home mother of a 4 month old. I first pray to god then ask for his messagers for his help. I also do not want god to think i am worshipping the angels and not him, but at the same time, i want the impact i’ve been reading about with the angels. I seen you’ve watched prodcasts, Have they really helped you out? and what kind of feelings or classes could i get to know when i am have clairvoyance,claircognize etc.

    • Hi there,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Sounds like you are in a tough place in life right now, I am sorry to hear that. In my experience, as odd as it sounds, the ‘trying hardest’ part is actually blocking your ability to connect. What I would suggest is to pick a time of day when you feel relaxed and rested and simply pick one card. Breathe deeply, lay the card down and take it literally. Look at the images on the card and how they might relate to your situation. Notice any words that might pop in to your mind and any feelings that you get. It is tough to read accurately if you are stressed and wound up. The podcasts and classes have really helped me, yes. When you have the funds to spare, I would suggest starting with Doreen’s book How to Hear Your Angels. Wishing you the best!

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