Automatic Writing – what is Automatic Writing and some easy and safe ways to go about it

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Automatic Writing – what is Automatic Writing and some easy and safe ways to go about it

Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing – a definition

Automatic WritingAutomatic Writing – what is it?

Automatic writing or psychography is writing which the writer states to be produced from a subconscious and/or spiritual source without conscious awareness of the content”.  (Wikipedia).

I have used automatic writing for several years now and find it useful…


  • when something is bugging me intuitively and I want to connect with my inner wisdom or guidance for answers
  • to kick start the creative writing process
  • to help gain clarity during intuitive work or readings

As Always, set protection before starting to shift consciousness in any way

If you are new to automatic writing, then as with any other spiritual pursuit it’s important to set protection in whatever way works best for you.

For example, I use a prayer to connect to my inner guidance and creative visualization to create a circle of protection around myself.

Automatic writing is in some ways similar to channeling, so it’s important to be clear about your intentions and clarity of focus before beginning a session like this.

Oujia boards – no thank you

Automatic WritingOuija boards or talking boards have been used by groups and individuals to ‘channel’ energy or information through the letters on the board.

I have never been comfortable with this concept and since historically Ouija boards have been used with bad as well as good intentions I do not use these nor go near them.

I believe there are too many variables in the energy that can come through.

Once you have set protection, simply start your Automatic Writing Session

Pick a quiet spot with a favorite notepad and pen and get to it!

You can also learn to write automatically on the computer, but hand writing is the way to go initially until you are comfortable with the process.

If you feel silly or stuck, start doodling or writing random words until the flow gets going.  I stare out the window until it starts!

It really does feel like ‘someone else’ is doing the automatic writing for you.

Date and time stamp your automatic writing

I keep notebooks and files containing my writing.  Some of it will probably never see the light of day (and perhaps shouldn’t!) but much of my automatic writing is spot on and has been validated.

Date and time stamp your session before you start or after you finish.

That way you’ll be able to go back and check out your intuitive accuracy.

Here’s an excerpt from an automatic writing session I typed on the computer, 26th November 2007

Where are we going to move to next?

This question is bothering you now but it need not.  There are three future potentials and they are Wichita, KS, Pensacola. Fl and the UK.

🙂 Sometimes it’s useful to have some idea of where you’re moving to next!  The answer to your life question may lay in automatic writing.


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  1. Hi Sarah,
    I’ve not been able to say it quite as accurately as you just did in your post, but I’m pretty darn certain that my newly published children’s series (The Grand Master/Little Master Series) was written by someone or something other than ME. I’ve never written anything before or even had the inclination to, and yet when I sat down to the computer and started this series, I was typing faster than my brain could think it. As I re-read it, I kept asking myself, “Who wrote that?”!
    Not too many people understand when I try to explain it so reading your post sort of hit the nail on the head for me. Having had this ‘weird’ experience, it confirmed the belief that it was meant to be published, period. I was simply the instrument from whence it came. Therefore, I never gave up (not entirely true I suppose, I did shove it in the back of a drawer for several years!). Twelve years later, I felt it was time to try again and within two days of each other, I had two offers. You offered to review my series and will be putting it in the mail on Monday morning! Thank you Sarah for your enlightening posts; they’re always a pleasure to read.


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