Do You Know How To Use Affirmations? Learn From These Simple Tips

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Do You Know How To Use Affirmations? Learn From These Simple Tips

Using Affirmations

Affirmations – the best affirmation you can use

The best affirmations start with I am.

I recently found an affirmation which I used for a week, one of the most powerful and useful affirmations I’ve ever discovered!

If you’re reading this and are not sure what an affirmation is, here is my short guide to Using Affirmations.

Here’s the best affirmation I’ve found yet!

I am self-defining.

It may seem simple, yet it’s actually very complex.

Self-defining – how? The ‘I am’ makes the definition all-encompassing from an energetic perspective, the body, the mind, the heart, the life, the job, the dreams, the thoughts, the emotions, the interactions, the relationships.

Told you it was big…

What a great affirmation for anybody, whether you’re involved in energy work (like me), or not.

So I’ve said ‘I am self-defining’ 3 times at one go, 3 times a day, for a week and here’s what I’ve noticed

I wasn’t self-defining enough initially (at the beginning of the week) to send drinks back when the restaurant made the wrong order for my family. (Partly the British cultural programming coming through also methinks).

Now, I am. Heh!  I am – self-defining.  Somehow the affirmation has cleared any discomfort I’ve had about being more assertive.  It’s OK if my assertiveness occasionally tweaks others’ buttons, it’s never an intention of mine and I am self-defined.

I’m a lot calmer about decision making and getting clearer about what I like.  That in itself would be bonus enough for doing the affirmation work.

I’m also beginning to notice more about others’ lack of self-definition.  The clearer I can be about my self-definition when I’m interacting with others, the clearer they may ultimately be, too.

This affirmation seems to open up more space inside simply to be me, to listen to others, consider what I’m hearing, and seeing if it’s a match for me.

After all, I am self-defined.

What does being self-defined mean to you? Have you ever tried affirmation work in your life? Tell me more…

I’d love to hear about it.

In the meantime, here are two great resources for affirmation work – Louise Hay and, specifically for women, Amy Ahlers. I use her books and exercises with clients now and they help enormously.

Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life


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Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life has been in publication and on bestseller lists since 1985.

One of my close friends calls it her ‘health bible’ and I always have a copy or two on hand, since there is often a friend around who needs to borrow it.

Louise Hay’s groundbreaking work in my view was based partly on her intuition, or inner guidance, that words spoken in a positive frame help shift our minds and bodies into a better state or chemical balance.

Modern science now proves what Louise Hay intuited after much work, study, and many workshops with people from all walks of life – that detrimental/negative emotional and mental states long held in the body are connected to illness, and conversely that positive/hopeful affirming emotional and mental states are helpful for our healing.

Amy Ahlers – Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves


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“Amy Ahlers makes the very valid point early on in this book that negative self-talk is causing women to be stressed out and to feel down on themselves.  With a best friend like our Inner Critic, who needs enemies?

Negative self-talk is dis-empowering in so many ways and now that we have tools to help clear this kind of unconscious behavior, we can improve our internal landscape and affect how our daughters talk to themselves too.”

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