In every human being there is profound divinity – why is it not intuitive? >> Podcast

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

In every human being there is profound divinity – why is it not intuitive? >> Podcast

profound divinity

profound divinity

In every human being there is profound divinity.  But it’s not intuitive

This week’s podcast is about the 2nd of Kryon’s Cosmic Laws.

When meditating on this week’s podcast, I was guided to access a specific set of the Akashic Records – that of The Divinity of the Planet.  This is a different set of Records to my own personal Akashic Records.  We all have own Akashic Records which we are free to access.

From this unique perspective, I asked about Kryon’s 2nd Cosmic Law and received the following information.  Please enjoy, share and download!

The Divinity of the Planet Akashic Records speak


What is profound divinity and why is it not intuitive (to us?)

Profound divinity. Within every cell, every atom, every mitochondrial process, every bone, every muscle, every heartbeat every breath. That is how profound the divinity of the human is because we are soaked in the divinity of the planet. Every tree, every blade of grass every breath of wind is divine because we are living on a self-aware self balancing planet we call planet earth but some people like to call Gaia or a-Gaia.
Here we are. Breathing. Living. Waking, sleeping, tasting, moving and sometimes if we remember ourselves dancing and laughing too. Here we are.

Profound divinity is a feeling a state of mind and a movement of energy. We are blessed and called it ‘grace’ when we tune into these moments, this energy. It is available to us whenever we wish to switch into that frequency.

The only reason it is not intuitive to us humans is because we have a neo-cortex. As part of our evolutionary process we have been taken in the direction of the higher self through manifested thought and action in a cycle.


Animals know they are profoundly divine in each moment. Let’s call it an energy that they reside in, are soaked in, all the time. It is ‘home’ to them. They are strongly connected to group consciousness at all times. (My dog story). Because our next evolutionary step was to develop the brain in a different way so that we have an energetic space that is uniquely for human thoughts, human ideas, human processes.


There are many benefits to this…sometimes though we can get caught up in our own flow, our own magnificence (laughter).


When we are in our neo-cortex fully we become the classic ‘left brained’ person.


At least, that’s what we call it even though now we know it’s not entirely accurate biologically speaking. It’s an enclosed space if you like where the focus can be upon human matters and human progress (or not!). Free will is in there too.


To remember our profound divinity – we must reconnect. With animals, with trees, with the planet, with the energy of the divinity of our earth mother. This is the balance.


Animals feel and sense this always – we can choose to go with the flow, or not.


So we can be left-brained – or whatever you want to call it. Or access our profound divinity as is our birthright on the planet and fully embody the energies with which we have been incarnated. With animals, it’s intuitive.


Do you like having that choice? We get to choose.


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