Evolve with John Edward | Develop your Intuition

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Evolve with John Edward | Develop your Intuition

John Edward

Ready to Evolve?

I’ve recently joined John Edward’s Evolve community.

I’ve always loved John’s work – what drew me to join his online community was this 90 day Evolve video program – which is free!

John realized that a lot of his subscribers were having trouble viewing the longer Evolve videos on a regular basis (bit like joining the gym…the first few weeks it’s great – then it gets harder).

So he’s created videos that are no longer than 10 minutes for daily viewing and practice

On these videos you will find

– A focus word and definition with an intention for the day
– An affirmation to the Universe (best to write or type this out)
– A lesson, video or discussion of the issue at hand
– Sometimes a guest speaker or a discussion of a reading in context.
– Even an interview with the Wiggles! 😉

Astrology, planets, cleansing, psychic mediumship, relationships…

Already I have learned more about astrology and the planets than I thought I knew before this (my moon is in Virgo!).   I have had a chart for a while, now I’ve made the effort to read some of it for myself.

So far (today is day 31) I have learned a new energy cleansing technique and also found John’s dissection of his psychic intuitive approach very helpful.

Just having a 10 minute focus per day is very helpful on the Journey.

Perhaps it’s time to Evolve?


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    Looking forward to reading through more. Excellent post.Much thanks again. Awesome.

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