What you learn spiritually carries over >> Podcast

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

What you learn spiritually carries over >> Podcast

spiritually carries over

What you learn spiritually carries over

This week’s podcast (more links at the bottom of this post) discusses an aspect of Kryon’s 4th Cosmic Law, what you learn spiritually carries over from one life to the next.

The law is

Everything that you learn spiritually in one expression carries over to the next.


Opening the Akashic Records

This week I was guided to open the Akashic Records of the Gaian Crystal Cave for this podcast.  If you have followed any of Lee Carroll’s work with Kryon then you will have heard Kryon mention the Crystal Cave often.

It’s a location on the planet where we leave and return during the two winds

  • the wind of birth
  • the wind of transition (death).


When we pass through the crystalline cave we record our activities here on a crystal, so that when we return we can collect them again.

 I opened the Records of the Gaian Crystal Cave and a Lord of the Akashic Records moved towards me and flipped open a book with fairly long list, since my question was

What exactly do we carry over as spiritual teachings/learnings from one expression or incarnation to the next?

This week’s podcast (link at the bottom of this blog post) lists each item that is carried over from one expression or incarnation to the next and also contains a few hints and tips to help us with these during the Spiritual Journey.

The list of spiritual teachings and learnings carried over from one lifetime to the next

  • Life memories – memories of all lives are present in the energy field.  They may not all be activated in this life but those you have chosen to work with often are.  They can appear as an a-ha moment, the feeling of being familiar with an old song or piece of music, the knowledge of how to move your body in a dance, a feeling of homecoming to a brand new country you are visiting in this lifetime.  Some children are already coming through with very active life memories to show us all how to look.
  • Golden threads of existence – these are the fibers that comprise the UCL, or lattice.  They are multidimensional and hold human consciousness in now time. Although often we incarnate and we don’t even bother to stay present when we are here!  There are so many realities to visit.
  • Multidimensional existence – the ability to time shift.  From Jules Verne to Star Trek.  We can throw our minds ‘out there’ and shift from one existence to another.
  • Sensory experience – why some things feel familiar, because they are!
  • Racial delineation – this is a marker in the energy field which shows us our racial type this time around.  It changes dependent upon incarnation.
  • DNA pockets – these are areas of the human DNA which are different in each lifetime too.  They allow for different physical expressions of incarnation yet also record them and carry them forward to the next incarnation if you choose to have one.
  • Energetic postures – habitual ways of being.  If you always like to work out in other lives, you are more likely to be active in this lifetime, dancers will be dancers, singers will be singers, craftspeople will love to craft.
  • The power of Now – Eckhart Tolle.  Being present is a major key to intuitive development and all creative activities, all truly productive activities.  If you are not present then you are simply moving through time with no physical focus of attention or energy.
  • Centered-ness or not (energetic habits).   If you have a tendency to be scattered or to get scattered easily, this may have happened many times before!  Work on centered and presence this time around whether they are natural to you or not, it will help
  • Chakra habituation  If you finished a previous lifetime being present in the solar plexus chakra, that will be your habitual focus of attention.  So any chakra work is always beneficial because it opens us to further energetic possibilities.
  • Soul group markers.  So you find your way back to your Soul group, your Soul group can visit you here if need be or connect up if they are incarnated.
  • Everyday skills – this connects to energetic postures but at the fully embodied physical level.  Perhaps you were a scribe in a past life so you can write beautifully at an early age.  Perhaps you were Royalty in a few lifetimes so you are good at ordering people around (and sometimes leading) and feel that this is the natural order of things.
  • Gaian energetic remembrance from a location – you love a country even though you are new to it, or feel an enormous pull to visit a particular landmark or location.
  • Sound memories (sensory) – when you get the ‘chills’, this is one reason.  You hear a sound and it takes you back.
  • Visual memories (sensory) – somehow you are in a location and know where everything is, even when you haven’t been there before.
  • Kinesthetic memories (sensory) – you know what to do as if born to it.
  • Repetitive thoughts  – these can definitely be programmed into you by parents and carers, but some do get carried forward from your Akash.  Some can be useful, much not so much – the more work you can do to let go of what no longer serves you the better.
  • Off world inheritance – your lineage from other planets.
  • Crystalline connectors – your ability to communicate via planetary grids.
  • The silver cord – from here to there and back again.
  • Joy – a big dose of this to carry you through the veil and back again.  It’s like a battery and has a life, can be recharged by your actions, thoughts, emotions in this life or drained by same.  When you go home, you’ll know you are there when you recognize this feeling.


Book references

I mentioned a book in this podcast – Lee Carroll has written many books including the very well known Indigo Children.  Here’s some recommended reading from him to get you started including Amazon Links.

The Twelve Layers of DNA: An Esoteric Study of the Mastery Within (Kryon)

The Journey Home: A Kryon Parable: The Story of Michael Thomas and the Seven Angels

The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived


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