How to know when you’ve had a really good energy session or spiritual reading

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How to know when you’ve had a really good energy session or spiritual reading

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Energy Sessions – Spiritual Readings – Why have them?

As more people are realizing there is a spiritual awakening happening on our planet, they begin to seek out those who can help.

From seeing the 11:11 to 222s to 555s and all those other numbers to having premonitions, hearing voices, and just ‘knowing’ that something is right for you, we are all waking up to the fact that the intuitive side exists and that it is part of our natural function.

Energy Sessions – a big release of energy!

One of the reasons that clients come for energy sessions is that they have stuck energy.

This means that something, an issue, circumstance or feeling is repeating in somebody’s life enough for them to take notice and sense a pattern.

It could be as simple as

– this food is no good for me any more, it gives me indigestion and I have been ignoring the fact and in denial about it – what’s up with that?

or as complex as

I believe that I am working through past life issues with my partner.


When you have had a really good energy session or spiritual reading you will notice

A big release of energy – either…

You have masses of energy and just can’t stop moving, perhaps you clean house, check off all the errands on your list, or start a new project!


you have an energy slowdown…you need to sleep for a ridiculous amount of time, I’ve had some clients report 12 hour sleeps after a reflexology session, for example.

(Perfectly normal if that is what your body requires).


all of the above, plus new awareness and a paradigm shift. You see life circumstances in a whole new way.  Perhaps relationships are finally healing, or finishing (in both cases, healing).

Perhaps you have finally found clarity about a long standing issue after an energy session

A health issue may clear up, or shift into a different focus…such as a realization that a physical issue is really an emotional issue buried deep.

So that is why people have Energy Sessions or Spiritual Readings…in case you were wondering!

What changes and releases have you experienced after receiving an Energy Session or a Spiritual Reading?


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