Homeopathic Pulsatilla good for our sinuses and our emotions

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Homeopathic Pulsatilla good for our sinuses and our emotions

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Homeopathic Pulsatilla – a well-known sinus remedy

This from 1800Homeopathy.com’s website about Pulsatilla:-

“This comprehensive cold, nerve and PMS remedy specializes in affectionate, clingy, sometimes moody children or adults who hate hot stuffy rooms and crave fresh open air.

It speeds healing of cold, flu and hay fever symptoms with stubborn night coughs.

It can quickly ease car sickness and painful indigestion from rich foods. For women it helps balance PMS, mood swings, irregular late periods, pain, cramps and nervous headaches. Other characteristics include anxious dreams, restlessness and a constant need for sympathy and fresh air.”

Guess the most-used remedy for sinus issues – Pulsatilla!

This remedy is derived from the Pulsatilla plant, which is native to Scandinavia, Denmark, Germany and Russia.  The fresh plant in flower is used.

I have found this remedy to be great for sinus issues, especially with my younger child who seems to suffer from this more than anyone else in our family.

I can even smell when the sinuses are starting to bother her, since she gets bad breath in the morning (kind of a heavy, salty smell – perhaps right now you’re glad you don’t have smell-a-vision!).

What’s really interesting about homeopathy is that, since it is a ‘vibrational’ medicine, that is, very small amounts enable the body to make the energetic shift back into homeostasis, or healthy balance, rather than trying to suppress the symptoms – in this case, sinus issues – since the cause may be emotional as well as physical.

Other uses for Homeopathic Pulsatilla

This remedy can also have other applications.  My youngest (Crystal child) is often anxious on the first day of school, or after a break from school.  My oldest child (Indigo girl) can’t wait to get back into school and is rushing off into her social role as soon as possible!  My youngest though, needs a little more help, and sometimes Pulsatilla helps her stay calm and balanced.

Why is this?  Well the practice of homeopathy also includes an analysis of what are called ‘Constitutional Types’.

This from The New Guide to Remedies from Parragon Publishing.

“Homeopathy treats the individual as a whole, taking into account physical, emotional, and mental states as well as disease or ailment.

Knowing a person’s constitutional type offers insight into the best remedy for them.  This is particularly important, because two people suffering from the same problem may have different symptoms.

They may find that different modalities (influences) improve or worsen their condition.  Therefore, two people with the same symptoms may need to be treated with different remedies, despite having the same illness”.


Learn constitutional types for you and yours

Through observation and experience, I have noticed a number of behaviors which lead me to believe that my youngest daughter’s constitutional type is Pulsatilla.

Factors include physical appearance, social behaviors (in her case some shyness and anxiety), sometimes clingy-ness…she would always rather sit on Mom or Dad’s lap in a group than on her own, physical weaknesses – in her case, the sinuses and a sensitive stomach.

There are more that I could list, but I do know from experience that Pulsatilla works particularly well for her during times of stress, sinus irritation, and for the occasional (emotional) stomachache.

Interesting to note, I’ve never found that Pulsatilla works well for me during times of colds and flu – but Gelsemium (derived from the yellow jasmine) works like a charm!  This may be because my constitutional type is different than my daugher’s.

People can learn to resonate with their own constitutional types when they start to read them.  It’s an interesting journey!  Check out the Useful Books page and scroll down for some recommendations for books on homeopathy if you decide to start your own homeopathic journey or would just like to learn more.

If you’re interested in reading more about the latest scientific research related to homeopathy, check out this blog entry from the Natural News Writers health blog Nobel Scientist Discovers Scientific Base of Homeopathy.

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  1. Hi Sarah, thank you for this nice, informative info on Puls. I too am a homeopath, 3rd yr student at this point, set to graduate in June. Please visit my blog when you have a minute, I would love your feed back. Thanks!! Julie Igel

    • Hi Julie,
      Looks like I need to add the widget that tells you your comment is being held for moderation, so you don’t get left in the dark! Thanks so much for your kind comment, it’s appreciated – I will go and check out your blog. I’m not a qualified homeopath, though, I am an expert in my children and an informed consumer!

      Sarah (Spiritual Mom)

  2. Sarah, not sure if my info came through for my blog site…www.homeopathicsoulutions.com Thanks!!

  3. Nice article. I love that you acknowledge your status as “an expert in my children and an informed consumer.” I envision a day when all mothers can say that — and see the very best in themselves and their children.

    (I shared your article on my FB page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Catalysts-for-Health/123290081029492#!/pages/Catalysts-for-Health/123290081029492)

    • Thanks for your comments Natalia. That’s part of my vision too! Thank you also for kindly sharing, I’ll go check out your page on Facebook.

      Great that we have met on our journeys.

      Sarah (Spiritual Mom)

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