Intuitive eating | Cinnamon, honey and influenza (the ‘flu season’)

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Intuitive eating | Cinnamon, honey and influenza (the ‘flu season’)

cinammon and intuitive eating

Intuitive eating for flu remedies – e.g. ‘eating what you feel like’ (within reason!)

intuitive eatingMy oldest daughter age 8, came down with a fever last Saturday night, followed by coughing and sneezing and general tiredness.

Fortunately for me, she’s always been pretty good at self care, even around age 3-4 knowing when she’s not feeling good and asking to get her pajamas so that she can go to bed.

Intuitive eating…and some kids can be intuitive about their remedies, too

oscillococcinum or oscillo

Last one left at Target the other day, retailing at $9.49

So I put her on a program of two doses of oscillococcinomum per day (homeopathic remedy for influenza) which I use as a ‘flu remedy for this time of year, or if any of us feel we are coming down with something, plus a tincture from a bottle of liquid homeopathic remedies which is good for ‘Throat Irritation’.

Both of these remedies she chose herself from a selection I gave her, using a self-test method from kinesiology called the O-ring method.  (Subject for another post…and it looks like I need to add a kinesiology page, also!).

The O-ring method is something that can be taught to children easily around age 7, and is very empowering for them to be able to stay in touch with their body needs and responses…more on that another time.

Pay attention to the intuition when children are sick (and when we are, too) often it is part of the healing to eat something to help us feel better

We decided on Monday morning that she was still not 100%, and her younger sister was also displaying the sniffles, so I kept them both home and started Arianna on the ‘oscillo‘ also (much easier to say and type!).  After a day at home both girls were much better, and headed back to school on Tuesday.

During that day at home though, by about lunchtime she started to crave cinnamon. 

I made her and her younger sister some cinnamon toast using the nice bread we get from a local bakery here in Wichita – (Delano Old Town Bakery, shout out to you guys for the great bread) – plus butter and just a little organic brown sugar.

Both girls ate two pieces each, despite just having had lunch.  She seemed very comfortable and went off for a short nap that afternoon.

Cinnamon and it’s healing properties, I learned more thanks to intuitive eating

The next day I found myself wondering if cinnamon did have any healing properties, since I’d also had a couple of emails from other lists I read about natural remedies mentioning honey and cinnamon.

I’d also add here that Callie is a notoriously picky eater, and this was the first time she has ever asked for cinnamon specifically.  So, after googling I found a site called Asian online remedies, with this quote

“Cinnamon is an effective remedy for common cold. 

Coarsely powdered and boiled in a glass of water with a pinch of pepper powder and honey, it can be beneficially used as medicine in cases of influenza, sore throat, and malaria. Its regular use during the rainy season prevents attacks of influenza.

Cinnamon oil, mixed with honey, gives relief from cold.”

We’ve had a great fall season in Wichita KS, but sometimes it can feel like the rainy season here too!  I can understand why countries who do experience the rainy season have tried and tested methods to stave off colds, chills and ‘flu.

I’m convinced the cinnamon helped the healing, because I let my daughter ‘follow her nose’ and do what felt good to her, within reason.  She asked for the toast again at breakfast the next morning, since then though, she hasn’t been interested.  And now I’ve learned something new.

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  1. Another great post! I love that your girl knew just what SHE needed. Allowing our children to trust their own intuition is a gift to them and us.

  2. Lisa Stowe says:

    Love your post Sarah! Will definitely think differently about cinnamon toast now! Might have a piece tomorrow!

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