How do I read others emotions to develop my intuition?

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How do I read others emotions to develop my intuition?

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Emotions are energy…

It’s all about energy, really.

And instinct.

And intuition.

And a bit of regular practice.

And it’s not that difficult…you need to start to understand that emotions are just another form of energy – what’s special about emotional energy is that it can effect how we feel!

Emotion = Energy in motion – e-motion

Emotion is energy in motion E-motion (thanks to Candace Pert for that elemental truth).

Doctors can’t detect emotions with scientific equipment but we know they exist because we feel them.

We are all hard-wired with mirror neurons, so if someone else is feeling a strong emotion, most of us will be aware of it in some way. I recently heard someone describe our eyes as the bluetooth to the soul.  We connect with somebody else by looking into their eyes and we can learn a lot.

Perhaps it’s their trembling lip, change of face color or different rate of breathing, we know something is going on with another person.

E-motion in the field

Sometimes we get a hard-wire into what others are feeling. Sometimes we can feel an emotion simply from watching a sad, or happy, movie! If several of us are grouped together, then we feel those emotions together in a kind of ‘field’.

I remember going to see Thelma and Louise with a bunch of girlfriends…we all cried into somebody’s long knitted scarf at the end because we had no tissues.

We all felt what the director of that movie intended us to feel.

What is our e-motion and what is somebody else’s e-motion?

I believe it’s also important in intuitive development to begin to learn what is your ‘stuff’ and what is someone else’s?

If you get hit with a feeling and there seems to be no present reason for it, it could be…

  • you walked into someone else’s field
  • someone is projecting their feelings onto you, and you have empathetically picked them up (usually from the solar plexus chakra)
  • you are beginning to get more in touch with your own e-motions and feeling them more strongly.

Locations can contain an imprint of an e-motion

If you are in a strange or unusual place, strong emotions there from an even or a person may have left an imprint.

This is how psychic intuitives can read a location or building and use ‘clairsentience’ or ‘clairvoyance’ or one of the other ‘clairs’.

My first validatable experience of this was with my business partner in the UK.

We were at a meeting to get business insurance, and met the insurance manager at his house in Lewes, East Sussex in the UK.  Lewes is a beautiful town with many old medieval buildings in the town center.

The minute I walked in the door…I felt and ‘saw’ (with my psychic eye) a replay of a woman being abruptly pushed down the back stairs of this house and falling to the bottom. I also ‘felt’ the push in my back and ‘saw’ the dark shadow of a man standing at the top of the stairs.

I didn’t mention anything until we had concluded the meeting, then I asked the guy if he knew of any accidents that had occurred in the house, or anyone dying?  He blinked and then said…”Yes a woman died here”.  I asked him if she had fallen down the stairs and he said “She was pushed by her husband, it was over 100 years ago now”.   I was lucky to be able to get immediate validation regards what I sensed.

Emotions are a powerful tool if you are interested in developing your intuitive skills on the Spiritual Journey

Energy work has enabled me to hold the energetic charge of e-motions in the body during readings and know that I am simply reading the energy rather than just feeling it.

What are your e-motions and others’ emotions telling you?

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