How to be an effective empath | With great sensitivity comes great responsibility

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How to be an effective empath | With great sensitivity comes great responsibility

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How to be an effective empath

Lunching with a good friend recently, we were discussing energy work and the nature of energetic sensitivity and empathic ability – and how to be an effective empath.

What is ‘being an effective empath?’

Some examples are…

  • knowing that somebody feels one way even thought they are acting in another way entirely
  • knowing when we or others are out of touch with our emotions
  • knowing when ourselves or others are ‘stuffing’ emotions
  • knowing when others are lying
  • sensing that others are hurting
  • (or even) knowing when others are hiding something, such as deep hurt or distress.

Then we got to discussing that saying…

With great power comes great responsibility.

Being an effective empath is powerful too!

During this conversation I found myself changing it to ‘with great sensitivity comes great responsibility‘.

In the past, I’ve often berated myself over my intuitive gifts, wondering ‘why me’ and ‘why can’t I just ignore this stuff’ and ‘why did I even have to SEE/sense/feel _____________________ (fill in the space).

Since growing my intuitive gifts some more…I am finally in a place on my Spiritual Journey where I am thankful for these gifts…and beginning to understand the responsibility involved in becoming/being an effective empath.

How can we best use our empathic gifts and be an effective empath?

Rather than being energetically voyeuristic (controlled or uncontrolled) I’m realizing that it’s my job NOT to throw my energy out into a restaurant and read the people…however interesting they may be.

With great sensitivity comes great responsibility.

It’s not my business to be a voyeur, no matter if I can.  If it’s for self-protection, then that’s different…but in general, I must manage myself.

Setting better boundaries for myself, I have more energy to be a better practitioner for others when they do ask to work in the realm of energetics, or our Personal Energy.

And that’s a great responsibility!

How can we practice empathy?

After writing this blog post a few days ago I came across this synchronistic RSA video using the voice of Brené Brown, set to an animated video created by the RSA, animation by Katy Davis.

Some of the keys points are…

  • Empathy fuels connection
  • Perspective taking, recognizing someone else’s perspective as their Truth
  • Staying out of judgement
  • Recognizing an emotion in another person and communicating that
  • Saying “I know what it’s like…and you’re not alone”
  • Empathy is a vulnerable choice..
  • In order to connect, we have to connect with something in ourselves that knows that feeling…
  • Rarely, if ever, does an empathic response begin with ‘at least’!
  • Avoid ‘silver lining’ it
  • A great empathetic response is “I don’t even know what to say right now but I’m glad you told me”
  • What makes something better is connection.

With great empathy also comes great responsibility!

I’d love to hear empathetic responses that you have used in tough situations and your ideas and thoughts on being an effective empath.

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