Can a liver and gallbladder cleanse be a spiritual experience?

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Can a liver and gallbladder cleanse be a spiritual experience?

Liver and gallbladder cleanse – spiritual work?

A while back I wrote this post about waking up to gallbladder attacks. After some work with my favorite acupuncturist and some dietary changes, the attacks went away.

Uh-oh – this fall – the gallbladder attacks came back

This year…they started coming back – at the same time of year!

To be on the safe side this time I did get a sonogram and I’m on a list for elective gallbladder surgery if I decide to have it, plus I discussed my symptoms with the surgeon and she was happy for me to carry on with the course of treatment I’m currently undertaking.

She was very clear about the symptoms that should take me to the ER – a consistent fever, constant gallbladder/stomach pain that will not go away, diarrhea, inability to eat. That is pretty clear.

Hulda Clark’s liver/gallbladder cleanses

So. Here I am having done 3 of 10 liver and gallbladder cleanses using Hulda Clark’s approach. Here’s a link to a site for the cleanse, and also a link to Lisa Renee’s site for the same cleanse – with a little more spiritual edge attached.

I’ve been following Lisa Renee’s podcasts for several years now. I think she’s a very interesting and talented spiritual practitioner.

What is a liver and gallbladder cleanse?

Essentially it’s a method of clearing the digestive system out to include (hopefully) expulsion of gallbladder stones and inter-biliary stones (stones and chaff from the liver).

I have to say it works really well for me and has become easier each time I’ve done it since I am learning to understand my body better and figure out what is happening as I do the cleanse. It does involve staying very close by to a bathroom, fasting from 2 pm one day until at least 10 am the next and taking time to rest. So it has to be planned.

Can a liver and gallbladder cleanse be a spiritual experience?

I have a good friend who I call the ‘liver and gallbladder queen’. Because of health issues, she knows a lot about products for the liver and gallbladder and is helping me with the process.

Initially, I went into this with the approach that — this is a physical problem with a physical solution. What I have been taught in the Western World, after all. What I wasn’t counting on or had realized in any way was that — this is an emotional and spiritual experience too.

During (and sometimes before and after) my liver and gallbladder cleanses I have experienced

  • Lucid dreams – very powerful and emotional
  • Changes in mood and temperament
  • Desires for completely different kinds of foods
  • An urge to deepen my spiritual practice
  • A more powerful sense of being connected with spirit guides, Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones
  • More interest in eating clean
  • Flashbacks and memories that I haven’t been in touch with for years
  • Brain fog and then brain clearing – making me realize how foggy I was before!

What do we really know about our livers?

What is interesting to me about all of this is that – to date we believe the liver is the only organ in the body able to regenerate itself, that it is responsible for metabolizing our food into digestible sugars…and we have even discovered ways to transplant a liver or a piece of a liver when the liver isn’t functioning correctly.

So we know some things about the liver. But why do we store gallstones up in our gallbladders sometimes? Why also the inter-biliary stones? Some believe it’s to protect us from parasites and undesirable toxins in the liver. I believe we are on the verge of discovering so much more that may be key to our health through the avenue of liver health and wellness.

A liver and gallbladder cleanse can lift the mind and spirit as well as the body

A clean liver is a healthy liver – I believe most doctors would agree with that. As I am progressing through this liver cleanse, it isn’t just cleaning out my liver, toxins are being dumped out of my liver and running around my system. I need to clear those out as well. And along with the toxins come the dreams, memories and old stored up emotions.

Make your liver smile!

Remember that movie Eat, Pray, Love? The Guru in the movie was insistent that our heroine should meditate and make her liver smile.

I’m working on making my liver smile.

One of the dreams after a liver cleanse this weekend past

Last night I dreamed about a dragon that was chasing me and millions of other people, eating them alive. Somehow though I know the dragon was really only after me, wanting to destroy me — and the other people were just a distraction.  It was a long, snaky huge green dragon with 4 legs.

Checking on this site about dreams I discovered…

  • The dragon I dreamed about is of Eastern origin (Western dragons tend to have two legs) and is considered an auspicious omen.
  • The Dragon is often the protector of treasure with the TREASURE representing YOU.
  • It may also represent an emotional pattern in that it may symbolize you being controlled by your passions or it could be linked to a fiery, hot temper, or being angry.
  • In order to defeat the beast within one needs to show the selfless courage of a hero/heroine such as St. George the dragon slayer, or St Joan d’Arc whose guide and protector in her dreams was the dragon slayer St. Michael.
  • Fighting a dragon (or any monster) may be about your inner search or quest or wanting to tame the beast within.


Wow. Just wow.

Liver and gallbladder cleanse – a spiritually cleansing experience!

Disclaimer: This blog post is not a recommendation for anyone else to take this approach. It is simply a diary entry for me on my Journey to health and wellness. If you already have experience of this cleanse then you will, I hope, enjoy my account of it. Anyone with gallbladder or liver issues should be under the care of a physician and take advice from them, not me. If you find this approach thought-provoking and want to consider trying it, then that is up to you and your free will. Always take the advice of a doctor first over anything you may read on the internet.


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