How to Begin Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

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How to Begin Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides can come in many forms and bring through their messages in unusual ways. How can we begin to connect with our Spirit Guides, and what practices can help us?

Spirit Guides – what are they?

Spirit Guides are Souls who are no longer incarnated, but they support us on the Spiritual Journey.

Guides can be: –

Guides can come and go, or stay with us throughout our life journey, depending on our needs.

Spirit Guides connect using Energy

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Spiritual practice can help us to understand how we can connect with our Guides more easily.

Our Guides are not incarnated, so they don’t have eyes, ears, tongues or hands like we do.

When they communicate with us, it’s through the transmission of energy, which can sometimes be very subtle and easy to misinterpret.

When an energy transmission comes to us from a Guide, it can be short and sweet, like a picture, phrase, quick idea or tap on the shoulder.

Sometimes it can be visual flashes in the room, or experiencing goosebumps, temperature changes, or a sense of someone standing nearby.

If the message is really important, it might be a voice in the ear, or some kind of visual sign.

Practicing energetic connection through regular meditation is a great way to begin Guide connection.

Some affirmations from to support Guide connection

I wrote these words down a while back and find them enormously helpful.

Wherever I walk, I have help.  

They all have my face.  

They are beautiful.  

I am a piece of God.  

I am quantum.  

My guides are endless.  

I have help.

My intuition comes from the creative source.  

I have help from the air, the animals, the trees, the dirt that I walk on.

Love permeates everything around me.  

It is part of ‘innate’ and I do not ask “where?” for there is no “where”.  

I do not ask “who?” for the “who” is the One and it is I.

Lee Carroll/Kryon – on guides, angels and intuition.

Tools to help you connect

Anything you can do to validate your experiences and shift personal disbelief, which can be a big block, will help to improve your Spirit Guide connection.

  • Keep a journal of unusual experiences and date and time stamp them so you can remember your Journey – useful for validation later on.
  • I like to think that everything is a reading – that is – the more we can be awake and aware, the more likely we will notice synchronicities.
  • Guides can give us information through any channel – a picture, an animal in nature, a dream, feelings at a location or even words spoken by others that make you take notice.  Spirit Guides are around you and showing you their presence in many ways – stay open!
  • When you meditate, choose a mind location to meet with your Guides and visit it regularly.

Spirit Guide Readings with Sarah

Working with the Akashic Records, I have learned how to connect with our Inner Circle Spirit Guides.

These are Guides that are here to support us throughout our lives, like a spiritual A-team, and they appear at different stages throughout our young lives, then stay with us from that point forward.

Connecting with our Inner Circle Guides might feel very familiar energetically, since they have been with us since childhood, our Guardian Guide since birth.

To learn more about my Spirit Guide Readings, go to this page for more information and to book a reading.

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