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Connecting with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self

Your journey matters - discover your past lives and Akashic Records

Connecting with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self

Spirit Guides – how to connect with them

On the Spiritual Journey I have found myself moving from disbelief to belief of my experiences over time.

During my ‘weekend spirituality’ period, I would attend workshops and have interesting spiritual experiences – perhaps even connect successfully with my Spirit Guides…then on Monday morning pick up my briefcase, go to work and not give any of those experiences a second thought until next time.

Our Spirit Guides connect with us in many ways

I believe a lot of this shifting in and out of belief, disbelief is all part of our Journey.

These days, the more I am aware of accepting the connection to my Spirit Guides, the more they are ‘there’.

I believe the irony is that they were ‘there’ all along!

Some useful affirmations from Lee Carroll and Kryon to help us meditate on the connection with our Spirit Guides

I wrote these words down a while back and find them enormously helpful.

Wherever I walk, I have help.  They all have my face.  They are beautiful.  I am a piece of God.  I am quantum.  My guides are endless.  I have help. My intuition comes from the creative source.  I have help from the air, the animals, the trees, the dirt that I walk on. Love permeates everything around me.  It is part of ‘innate’ and I do not ask “where?” for there is no “where”.  I do not ask “who?” for the “who” is the One and it is I.

Kryon (on guides, angels and intuition) channeled by Lee Carroll.

Some other tools to help you connect with your Spirit Guides

Anything you can do to validate your experiences and shift disbelief (which is endemic in Western Culture) will help to improve your Spirit Guide connection.

  • Keep a journal of unusual experiences and date and time stamp them so you can remember your Journey – useful for validation later on.
  • I like to think that everything is a reading – that is – the more we can be awake and aware, the more likely we will notice synchronicities.
  • Spirit Guides can give us information through any channel – a picture, an animal in nature, a dream, feelings at a location or even words spoken by others that make you take notice.  Spirit Guides are around you and showing you their presence in many ways – stay open!


How do you notice connections with your Spirit Guides?

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