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Quality personal development for a dollar?

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Hay House – founded by Louise Hay – Christmas Catalog Offer!

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I bought some gifts a while back for family and then sat on my laurels somewhat…just now realising that there are not so many days left until Christmas!

If you have anyone who is interested in something a little different or alternative in their stocking, then Hay House, Louise Hay’s publishing company, are doing some great deals.  This week, they are offering dozens of gifts for only ONE DOLLAR from the Online Holiday Catalog.  (Click this link to take you there).  Choose from amazing deals on card decks, magnets, books and CD’s. There are only 19 days left until Christmas.

Dollar price discounts are valid for online purchases only and while supplies last. These offers expire 12/11/2010. Each week new items will be added, so browse the catalog to discover more savings.

I notice the NY Bestseller ‘Return to Sawyerton Springs’ on there by Andy Andrews, must say, I’m tempted myself.

Calm, Calm with oils

Will be doing some more shopping this week also.

If you have any Young Living Peace and Calming oil in your house, then I suggest you diffuse some on a regular basis if you need to hit the stores!  You can always put a few drops of oil on a tissue and put it on the heating vent if you don’t have a diffuser.  If you don’t have that blend, some lavender oil will work well also…although too much diffused in a room can make you sleepy.

Irritated with shopping or shoppers?  Quick reflexology tip

I have to say I’m not much of a shopping fan.  Strange, but true!  When I do have to do a marathon shopping run and I get irritated, I use this tip to calm myself down.  Massage the top joints of both longest fingers (e.g. the ones next to your index fingers).  If you’re angry and annoyed, it has a strangely calming effect.  You can always do it whilst you’re waiting in line.  Add some deep breathing and you’re there, plus you can do it without anyone noticing!

More later…I need to run out to the store!  Will be reviewing a yoga DVD for children and young teens shortly…and offering a give-away…something else different and interesting for your stocking, perhaps.

Sarah Lawrence Hinson sarah@momonaspiritualjourney.com

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