Social Networking and the Unified Field, or Lattice | Technology shows us how we really are all connected and practicing for greater connection

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Social Networking and the Unified Field, or Lattice | Technology shows us how we really are all connected and practicing for greater connection

Unifieid Field or Lattice

Unified Field or Lattice and Social Networking – two separate things or one and the same?

Unified Field or LatticeUnified Field or Lattice is a term I’ve been studying for the last 10 years or so.

Western science is starting to warm up to the idea that some kind of unified field or lattice surrounds us and perhaps even helps us to communicate information.

As a practitioner of the EMF Balancing Technique® and somebody who is energy sensitive, I’ve thought there was something to this for quite some time just because of my personal experiences…which I never asked for or particularly desired initially – they would just happen to me.

As a result of these happenings or openings, I found myself drawn to learning more just to answer my own questions about the unified field or lattice.

I believe some children already understand the nature of the Unified Field or Lattice

I wear this necklace a lot of the time (see photo above) to help me remember, as our EMF teacher Peggy Phoenix Dubro states

We are all unique and we are all connected.

Recently while waiting in line for something in our local supermarket, a bright-eyed little girl in front of me was intent on making a connection with me.

I checked on her mom to see if this was OK, and it seemed to be (all of this happened non-verbally) so we began to chat.

I could feel this little girl’s happy energy.  Her hair was decorated with several different colored butterfly clips.

Her eyes went straight to my necklace.  She said “I like your necklace – it makes me feel nice!”.

So I thanked her and told her it represents an aspect of our Personal Energy Field, and reminds us that we are all unique, and all connected using the unified field or lattice.

She glowed and smiled goodbye as she trotted off with her mom.

The Unified Field – is the internet is our practice ground?

On a recent workshop about Past Life Regression with Candace Craw-Goldman, Candace mentioned that in her view Social Media, such as Twitter or Facebook, is an example of us ‘practicing’ to connect without needing the technology, e.g. using the unified field or lattice and our energy to connect with each other.

Lissa Ranking, of fame, is also of a similar opinion, stating on an online workshop I recently attended that

“Twitter is the Law of Attraction in action”.

As a blogger and someone developing an online business, I found myself mulling the nature of connections over today while I was adding Pinterest to my Facebook business page. (Very useful post by Kim Garst).

Now I’ve spent a couple of years inadvertently studying social media and social networking as I’ve learned to blog, and the connections keep on growing.  As I’ve been working on this, because of my training I’ve been careful to set an intention to broadcast positive energy with my posts – using the unified field or lattice.

Some factors that define the Unified Field or Lattice from my experience, just to get you thinking…Social Networking, too

I have some beliefs built on experience that we are evolving into a place where we can learn to be conscious of our effect on the unified field or lattice, on the internet, or elsewhere.

Some examples…

  • What we resonate, we co-create.  This means, what resides in our Personal Energy Field draws experiences, people and circumstances to us.  That can be a tough one to swallow, sometimes.  On Social Networking, I used to spend a lot of time arguing with skeptics on Twitter when they would send me rude messages about my posts.  I stopped doing it…and they’ve gone away…I barely think about it anymore.
  • Figure out who we are, then that is what we’ll attract.  I don’t get many unwanted internet visitors, those that aren’t a match for me simply don’t appear because I am not what they are searching for.
  • When I visit some sites or locations, they either feel good or bad in my gut.  I just ‘run away, run away’ from the ones that don’t feel good, even if they profess to be a great site with a great software tool, or whatever.  The unified field or lattice contains information, on the web or elsewhere.

What are your experiences of the unified field or lattice?

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Sarah,
    love your blog!
    To me the Unified Field is the same as Interconnectedness, the realm of Soul, which we access when we reconnect with our higher self and develop enough confidence in that connection so that we follow through with our inner guidance. (It’s one thing to touch it, but it’s another thing to live it.) Some people use other terminology: zero-point field, the Void, etc. And yes, I do believe social networking is a part of this!

    • Hi Christine,

      Love yours too! I agree, it is one thing to touch the connection with Soul, another to live it. I’ve gone through the stages of oh, it’s really there…to wow, then that means A LOT of responsibility to be fully conscious of this to…working on it! Thanks for dropping by.


  2. Keya says:

    Sarah, I couldn’t agree with you more! I may not have used the same terms as you but I do think we have a “sense” about things and that the energy or frequency that we put out we also attract. I was listening to my favorite spiritual community on Sunday (Agape International) and Michael Beckwith talks about some of the things you mention here. About us going into to prayer and meditation so that we can “lift” our frequency and draw others of like frequencies to us so that we can be a beneficial presence on to the planet.(he was speaking specifically about earth day stuff) LOVE this. I feel like I’m learning a new spiritual language from your blog!

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