Boiron’s Arnicare Gel

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Boiron’s Arnicare Gel

Arnicare Gel

Arnicare Gel by Boiron – what is it and how to use it

Arnicare Gel is a product that gives you pain relief.

Ever since I’ve started using it (about 8 years ago now) I always make sure I have some Arnicare Gel in my cupboard, it’s easy to use and it’s a clear gel.

It’s homeopathic and the only active ingredient in Arnicare Gel is Arnica Montana 1x.

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A while back I really enjoyed attending a Twitter Party with Boiron USA (one of the top homeopathic companies in the US).

I won a prize whilst attending the party and some great Boiron homeopathic products too – here’s a link to the article and to a Webinar Boiron presented also.

When recently chatting with them on Twitter and they offered an Arnicare Gel as a giveaway.  If you would like to enter to win a tube of Arnicare Gel, enter below!

Boiron USA also do a giveaway on a Monday on Twitter @BoironUSA – retweet their message on the #MommyMonday hashtag and you may win a prize!

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What is Arnicare Gel made from?

Arnicare Gel


Arnicare Gel contains the homeopathic remedy Arnica Montana, which is extracted from a perennial herb that looks like a tall yellow daisy when it flowers.

It’s also known as Mountain daisy, Leopard’s Bane and Mountain tobacco.

This from

St. Hildegard, a nun known for her keen observation of nature and physiology, among other things, wrote about the healing properties of the Arnica montana plant in the 12th century. Since at least the 16th century, mountain people in the Alpine area have used it to relieve muscle aches and bruises.

How does Arnicare Gel work?

It’s easy to use as long as the skin is unbroken, simply rub Arnicare Gel into the affected area.

I have also added an icepack on top for particularly bad bruising or swelling which in my experience seems to accelerate the effect.

Why I keep Arnicare Gel in my cupboard

The main reason I keep Arnicare Gel in my cupboard is that I have children!

The gel is great for providing immediate relief from bumps, bruises, strains, and swelling.

Arnicare Gel was needed when my back was turned!

When Arianna my second daughter was a little younger (2 years ago now) she decided to climb an empty shopping cart whilst I was picking out pumpkins for Halloween.

I caught her the first time and told her to stop, but the second time I was elbow deep in pumpkins.  A big crash is not what any mom wants to hear…I turned around to find her flat on the concrete with the cart on top of her.

Luckily she wasn’t badly hurt but had a huge lump about the size of a golf ball on one shin, rapidly turning purple.

I took her straight home and applied the Arnicare Gel with an icepack for good measure (there was no broken skin).

It was amazing how quickly the lump disappeared and with a couple more applications over the next day or so the bruising went very quickly too.

And if you sprain something, fall over, or get hit, Arnicare Gel can help

It’s also good for those sprains or strains.

After a strenuous afternoon of shoe shopping with my two girls, I came home with a sore knee (all that bending!).  I immediately applied the gel with an icepack again and the pain was gone within the hour.

I also had a family member come and stay when we lived in MD (no names, no pack drill!) who had a bad fall off our back deck.

Between trips to the hospital for X-rays and other treatment for a broken tendon, she was in a lot of pain at the time.  Until she could be seen, I elevated her foot, and used Arnicare Gel and an icepack to give some relief.  (Again, no broken skin).

After she was in an air cast, she asked for the Arnicare Gel because she said it felt so cooling and gave her pain relief.  It’s great for those kind of emergencies.




Arnicare Gel was also mentioned on one series of Glee – a lot more glamorous than my stories but even Glee stars get bruised and use Arnicare Gel!


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7 Responses

  1. Jill says:

    firm believer in arnica since Sarah introduced it to me four years ago. many a pain alleviated and bruises avoided

  2. Naomi says:

    I’ve never used Arnicare Gel but I wonder if that was the active ingredient in the “boo boo stick” I used to put on the kids during their toddler years. I’m a big fan of the Oscillo and Coldcare.

  3. Mare says:

    I am a HUGE fan of Boiron products. I LOVE Oscillococcinum (even though I can’t pronounce it), Cocyntal (saved me lots of nights filled with my baby’s colicky crying), and Camilia (instant teething pain relief).

    And you know what, I already have Arnicare and have used it to help stop bumps from turning into bruises. But what the heck, I could always use another one!

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  5. Nadia says:

    I have flexor tendonitis in my left forearm (i’m a guitar player), it’s been about 7 weeks since I’ve been treating it, and my physiotherapist suggest I put it (arnicare gel) on three times a day. I’ve been doing this for five days now and I’m just wondering when I should stop using it…I don’t want to overuse it. Have I used it enough? It has worked, my arm feels better, but I got tendonitis pretty badly…so I want to make sure it’s gone before I play again.


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