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talking to heaven

Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards and Spiritual App

Grieving can be very hard and not something we are trained or taught to deal with on an everyday basis…yet it pretty much happens to everybody on the Spiritual Journey…we lose someone.My developing intuition has been a big help on my Journey – with experiences of spirits and relatives connecting with me and mine through the veil most powerfully when my mum became ill.Recently I heard about Doreen Virtue’s and James Van Praagh’s Talking to Heaven mediumship cards…and immediately thought I’d like to try them.

Interested in creating success on your spiritual journey? Awaken your Akashic Records, develop your intuition, experience growth and abundance!

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spiritual medium

How spiritual mediumship with my mum completely changed my life

A difficult time for our family when my brother and I moved my mum into hospice turned into a spiritually enlightening situation for me.

Tarot Tuesday

Tarot Tuesday – Archangel Michael Oracle Cards | Win a free mini-reading from Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Archangel Michael Oracle Cards – it’s Tarot Tuesday! I was sitting here wondering what to blog about today and my clair-audience kicked in and said “It’s Tarot Tuesday, of course!” The deck I’m using this time is Archangel Michael’s Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue From Doreen Virtue’s Oracle Cards Guidebook… Archangel Michael knows the details…
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Working With Angels

Tarot Tuesday – the Romance Angels – win a free mini-reading from Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

It’s Tarot Tuesday! This week’s deck is the Romance Angels Oracle card deck, a 44 card deck and guidebook. From the guidebook… While using these cards, you’ll work with with Romance Angels. Their voices are sweet, slightly high-pitched, and calm. They’ll tend to speak in unison, which you’ll hear within your mind. The card I…
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Angel Tarot

Tarot Tuesday Ace of Earth | Win a free mini-reading from Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Tarot Tuesday – Ace of Earth It’s Tarot Tuesday again and this week’s featured deck is Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot Cards. This week I asked for a card to represent where I should go next with my business (let’s just say I usually have way too many pots on the boil!). The card I pulled…
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Angel Tarot

Tarot Tuesday – Freedom Card from Doreen Virtue’s Life Purpose Oracle Card Deck | Win a free mini-reading with Sarah

Tarot Tuesday – Freedom The card pulled for this week’s Tarot Tuesday is Freedom. Before I pulled the card I asked for a card that truly represented the Mom On A Spiritual Journey blog and it’s reason for being. Freedom is really it, for me. I started writing this blog firstly because my Mum told…
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Angels at the Table by Debbie Macomber – great gift for Christmas | Book review by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

I recently read Angels at the Table by Debbie Macomber (thanks again to Andover Library KS for their great new book section!).

It’s a short novel about angelic intervention and free will and is a love story, too.

Whether you believe in Angels at the Table or not – a fun read.

Archangel Gabriel allows angels Shirley, Goodness and Mercy to take an angel-in-training, Will, down to Earth to watch the New Years’ celebrations.

They find themselves in trouble when Will is drawn to stand in the celebrating crowds in Times Square and notices two lonely people, a guy, and a girl.  He gives them a nudge with his wing and they connect and like each other.

So what’s wrong with that?  They were destined to meet, but not that soon – so their relationship becomes blocked by a number of complications.

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