Tarot Tuesday Ace of Earth | Win a free mini-reading from Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

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Tarot Tuesday Ace of Earth | Win a free mini-reading from Sarah at Mom On A Spiritual Journey

Angel Tarot

Tarot Tuesday – Ace of Earth

It’s Tarot Tuesday again and this week’s featured deck is Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot Cards.

This week I asked for a card to represent where I should go next with my business (let’s just say I usually have way too many pots on the boil!).

The card I pulled is the Ace of Earth.

The words are

“An inflow of abundance. A promising business venture. Important documents or contracts.”

When pulling a card…

Tuesday TarotWhen pulling a card and looking at it, go with what your eyes are drawn to and what seems most relevant about the words or picture.

In this case – I am actually in the middle of some legal work which is definitely going to help with abundance. A contract had errors in it and today I sent an email and made two phone calls to get it corrected.

‘A promising business venture’.  Yay!  Some intuitive hits are coming in to direct me to the idea and venture that is most likely to succeed soonest.

Other things to notice about a card…

I love the staff that the Angel is holding, and the fact that she seems to be standing in a forest…that is meaningful to me. The look on her face also feels like the way I feel when I’m working in the Akashic Records or meditating.

Her costume seems to be radiating green heart energy since that area of the outfit is highly decorated. Duly noted!

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Visit my Mom On a Spiritual Journey Facebook page and like the blog post there, OR comment here on the blog, and I’ll add your name into the pot for a free single card reading.

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So click or comment on the Facebook page or comment below, it’s free to enter and the mini-reading is also free!

Up to three winners will be chosen.

Did you win last week?

Those winners from last week, please refrain from entering since it’s best to leave being read for at least a week…or you may simply get the same message you received last time! However, If you have a friend who you think would enjoy this, please let them know.

Happy Tarot Tuesday!

Angel Tarot Cards available on iTunes® for the iPhone – Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. & Radleigh Valentine – Oceanhouse Media

Angel Tarot Cards available on iTunes® for the iPad – Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. & Radleigh Valentine – Oceanhouse Media

Sarah is a Certified Angel Card Reader.

Certified Angel Card Reader

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3 Responses

  1. Janet Roper says:

    Oh, love how you explained about what to notice when pulling cards 😉

  2. Naomi says:

    I have always been curious about Tarot cards but never had a reading… isn’t it nullified if you buy the deck yourself? Or is that just superstition?

    • Decks aren’t nullified if you buy one yourself Naomi (think that’s part of all the superstition that has surrounded the Tarot up until now…all to do with only secret societies and mystics using them I believe). You can buy a deck and it becomes your deck! I am qualified to teach how to read the Angel Tarot cards (and other of Doreen Virtue’s decks too), so if you have an interested group of friends, let me know!

      You can add your own energy to a deck and use it as a meditative or divinative tool whenever you wish. My only advice is, don’t call on it for yourself too often or you will simply get the same message or unsatisfactory messages over and over…I suggest at most once a week for a full reading, daily is OK for a single card pull around a specific question.



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