My Past Lives Part 1

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

My Past Lives Part 1

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Past Lives

I’ve only experienced one Past Life Regression session as such.  My other experiences of Past Lives have been either giving or receiving Akashic Records Readings.

The Readings I have given to clients or friends I cannot write or speak about, since that would negate the relationship I’ve built up with my own Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones in the Akashic Records.

All client Readings are private and personal and that is the energetic deal…otherwise my Akashic Records Readings won’t be as good.

The Akashic Records Readings where I have learned about my Past Lives I can speak about, if I choose

Two separate Readings have referred to my Past Lives. (The way I’ve been taught to access/read the Records, Past Lives only come up when they are related to a question at hand…for example an issue in one’s life or perhaps a knotty, tangled relationship question).

My past life as a Kansas farmer?

While qualifying as an Akashic Records Reader, a colleague on the course was presented with details from a Past Life of mine because I was asking about my physical issues with PMDD and my monthly cycle.

Let’s just say it’s never been easy for me…and if you were to give me a list of every PMS and PMDD symptom on the map, the only one I couldn’t check off as having experienced is headaches.

As I say, it’s never been easy…

In relation to asking in desperation and anger “WHY do I have such a hard time with my menstrual cycle??” my colleague came up with the answer…it’s guilt.

Guilt from a Past Life?

My life as a Kansas farmer was previous to the time of the dust bowl days.  Apparently I had a wife and 4 children and worked very hard for everybody’s keep.

(The reader by the way didn’t know I am living in Kansas now).  It’s also explained to me a strong pull to live here and a feeling that this is home…when I’m a Brit and have obviously never lived here before in this life!

My wife, however, had lots of issues with HER cycle and couldn’t always work on the farm as much as I would have liked her to.  She was often bedridden or confined to the house, a fact, which my Akashic Reading colleague told me, caused me much irritation and anger.

Finally, she was about to give birth to our fifth child and called for my help, being in some distress

I had reached a point where I was completely disconnected from her and her troubles, and I left her to her own devices while she was in labor.  My reader told me that both my wife and child died as a result.

Whilst hearing the reading, I felt the anger and frustration in my body. This is quite common when having an Akashic Records reading, since we are activating a past life memory at the cellular and energetic level.

I can honestly say I have often not particularly enjoyed being a woman in this life and have often resented the perceived limitations of women’s physical issues.

I also felt the guilt, regret and deep sadness of my wife and child’s passing whilst having the reading.

This is an example of how Karma can reach forward into the Present from Past Lives

Did I ask to suffer in this life?  No.  But the energy and sadness from this particular Past Life had stayed with me as fragmented aspect of of my Soul in this life, affecting my body in very specific ways.

I chose to integrate this fragmented aspect of my Soul’s Journey during the reading.

I chose to accept this ‘part’ of myself into now time (always an option during an Akashic Records Reading). The separation between this life and this previous life aspect has now been healed.

Are my monthly symptoms better?

A lot more of the time, yes.  I’m more forgiving of the female aspect of myself and more accepting of it. And recently I found an amazing way to help my PMDD.

On my Spiritual Journey…I believe this is a sychronicity

Do you have stories from Past Lives?


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  3. kely says:

    I have had many dreams, and feelings and dea-ja-vu about my past life, i wont say to much here, but i believe i was some kind of a warrior, a leader, fighting for freedom, i know how i died too, i still get pains there, i was stabbed in my lower abdomain, on the left hand side, by a long dagger or sword, i remember holding the blade my hand touching both my stomach and the blade at the same time, while i looked down at it from my lying position on the grass and mud, seeing the red over powering the silver of the blade and soaking the green of the grass with bright red, this is weird but i love bright colors, red, green, yellow, orange, turqoise, maybe its because the contrast of the last colors i ever saw, were so bright and beautiful in a devestating way. But id love a past life regression session, if you know where i can get one, id love to know, thank you, kelly millar x

    • Hi Kelly

      Thanks so much for commenting. That is a very powerful Past Life memory. It’s common to feel something in the area of the body which caused you to pass, if that’s what happened.

      How it works with an Akashic Records Reading (which is what I offer) is that we can open a column of light and ask the appropriate Past Life to move into it. We can then communicate with this Aspect of your Soul, or Past Life, and if you so choose to integrate this aspect of yourself into your heart chakra in Now Time. Either way, the energy will shift around the situation.

      Thanks again for sharing.


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