3 steps towards spiritual enlightenment

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3 steps towards spiritual enlightenment


Spiritual enlightenment – what is it?

Spiritual enlightenment is something that many of us are seeking on the spiritual journey.  But what does spiritual enlightenment really mean?

I believe spiritual enlightenment is a way to work on ourselves.  This may involve a number of actions which may result in

What spiritual enlightenment is not

If we keep spiritual work separate from our daily actions, thoughts, and emotions, then little or no growth will result.

I spent years on the spiritual journey working in a suit and carrying a briefcase as a computer trainer.

On weekends I would change into my spiritual t-shirt and attend unusual and mind-expanding workshops.

I never told people at work what I did or why I was doing it.  At times, I didn’t even know why I was searching for spiritual enlightenment for myself!

I was growing and developing myself because some kind of internal guidance was leading me in that direction, but I didn’t yet have the self-awareness to be able to verbalize why I was doing so.

Also, I wasn’t always making behavioral and internal changes recommended on many of the workshops. I was trying to align the inner with the outer but wasn’t quite ready to embody the advice that was given to me.  I wasn’t practicing the lessons being taught.

This approach is definitely a step on the spiritual journey, but it’s not spiritual enlightenment.

I met a shaman in Glastonbury last year, who calls this activity being a spiritual tart!  I had to laugh because I had been bouncing from workshop to workshop, trying to find my answers.

Having defined spiritual enlightenment as best we can, what to do next?

Once we have been on the journey for a while, there will come a time when we are suddenly enlightened by some piece of knowledge we have collected along the way.

One memorable example was an early Kryon gathering I attended with Lee Carroll when I learned what channeling really was for the first time.

I hadn’t intended to go there to learn about that, in fact, I didn’t even know that Lee was a channel at the time, or what it meant.  I was there to learn from Peggy Phoenix Dubro, an EMF Balancing Technique practitioner.

Lee’s talk was on the first day before the energy training.  I thought that this day would be an enjoyable addition to my trip.  I didn’t realize that my life was about to change because of the channeling and that I would receive spiritual enlightenment as a result.

There were several interesting energetic phenomena that happening during that channeling.  One of the main things that happened was that I discovered more about my Higher Self.  This is the part of us that communicates with our Soul Level Truths.

An easy way to think about the Higher Self is that it's the wi-fi connection between you and the internet cloud of your Soul.Click To Tweet

As a result of attending that talk, I discovered that

  • my Higher Self was an aspect of me that was very interested in relaying information
  • that I needed to learn to listen to my Higher Self
  • when I received messages from my Higher Self, I needed to act on them to have a benefit!

Nobody said spiritual enlightenment was easy – the Law of One

spiritual enlightenmentSo how to be sure that you are receiving spiritual enlightenment on the journey?

Sometimes it just happens, as in the above example, where although I didn’t intend to receive the enlightenment, my Higher Self had other ideas and through the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, I received the enlightenment anyway.

Once we have been on the spiritual journey for a while, we can begin to become more intentional about our spiritual practice, because we have had an enlightening experience and want to repeat it or to learn more about a particular issue or circumstance which will help us to grow as a person.

Recently, through a spiritual teacher, I have been studying the Law of One channeled works.

The first book in the series is The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One: Volume 1.

These are a pretty intense series of channeled books.  The content really speaks to me and contains many truths which are actionable in daily life for the spiritual seeker.  Another sign that working with channeled information is what my Higher Self really wants from me!

Here are three steps to help you on the path to spiritual enlightenment

  1. Seek the love in the moment (Law of One).  Even when life is tough and throws shit balls at you, this will help you find a way back to experiencing love more throughout your life.  Perhaps you are discovering that you are in a toxic relationship. It could be that you are getting the message you need to change your behavior, find a way to do it.  You may discover that your path to enlightenment is to face up to old trauma, find a way to do it.  Nobody ever said spiritual enlightenment would be easy!  This post is not called ‘3 easy ways to spiritual enlightenment’.
  2. Spend time retrieving wasted energy from old traumas.  Old traumas keep us stuck in the past and weigh us down energetically.  Find ways to retrieve wasted energy from journaling an old trauma.  Imagine it in your mind, or feel or sense it, and see yourself extracting any wasted energy from it and bringing that back to the present moment.  That way, you will retain the wisdom learned from the trauma, rather than wasting even more energy trying to block it out.  If it’s deep trauma, make sure you work with a therapist or somebody else qualified to help and support you.  Transgenerational trauma is real and one of our themes on Earth at the moment is to begin to release that trauma for ourselves.
  3. Repeat the above two steps consistently for a month and note the difference in yourself.  If you find this method works for you, keep repeating it.

As I said above, I didn’t write a post called ‘3 easy steps to spiritual enlightenment’.

It’s easy to go on fun spiritual workshops and learn something new.  I still do that, there is nothing wrong with doing that.

Just be aware that at some point, you may bump up against your Higher Self, whose intention is to have you receive spiritual enlightenment, whether you are ready for it, or not.

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