How to achieve your goals using a journal

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How to achieve your goals using a journal

Bestself journal

Bestself journal

BestSelf Journal – found on Facebook

A few weeks ago I was wondering how to motivate myself to grow my business further – I never thought the answer would be in a journal, the BestSelf Journal, to be exact.

The first time I set up a business from home I was already working full time, no kids (BC – Before Children!). I had left my job as an IT Training Manager mainly because of a leadership team I didn’t resonate with.

Luckily for me, as soon as I left I had offers of freelance work (including being a London trainer for the UK Lottery when the lottery terminals were first being rolled out) so my focus was not how to bring work in – simply to manage the work and set up a functioning office at home.

Like many people, the spare bedroom soon became my office space once I had a computer, modem and fax installed and the momentum kept on running. (Modem? Well this was in a Past Life!). Sometime in 1994!

Trying to create a business with Children

As many of you running home businesses with a family in tow can testify to, this is no mean feat.

There are many more pulls on your time, energy and attention as you slug away at building your business. From the laundry to the school run and anything else happening in between, it’s a case of workus interruptus.

Enter the BestSelf Journal

Looking through my Facebook feed I was wondering to myself and asking my guides how to get more focused. I felt like I was working hard, clients and potential clients were contacting me, yet I wasn’t getting that satisfied feeling about work. I wasn’t really growing my business in a direction, with vision, and focus.

Then I saw the BestSelf ad. My Guides said ‘buy it!‘ I wondered – really? Yet since one of my resolutions in recent months is to stay present so that I can notice all messages received — I decided to go with it.

In very short order my journal arrived and I realized it was totally for me.

BestSelf Journal difference – the 13 week road map

It can feel very overwhelming working in a business and wondering how to access each project, start and finish it, launch it, especially if you are a creative like me who is always distracted by the next shiny object.

The BestSelf Journal offers a pattern I can recognize, interpret and apply.

Rather than thinking of your business as one big pulsating lump, keep your overall strategy in mind but break it down into 13 week chunks.

You don’t have to identify all these chunks at once either – just the first one.

You start with up to 3 result goals and clear guide on how to formulate the goals.

Cathryn & Allen, the founders of the BestSelf Journal have done a lot of research on how to incorporate not only productivity tools, but have also studied works related to (but not limited to!)…

  • Gratitude (LOVE that gratitude comes first)
  • Willpower
  • Peaceful Sleep (Arianna Huffington has reached this realization too with her sleep pods in the Huffington News office and her book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and
  • Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder)
  • Grateful Thoughts
  • Goal Setting
  • The goals you set using the BestSelf Journal can be business OR personal
  • Don’t think that just because you’re not working on a business then this journal is not for you. It works really well for personal goals too, such as health-related goals, house projects or personal growth projects.

For example, I have one to ensure regular spiritual practice alongside my work goals for the first 13 weeks.

Once you have set up to 3 goals, you can use a monthly overview planner to filter these goals down into digestible 1 month blocks. You won’t want to set more than 3 – these people know what they are talking about! If you finish early, then hey…set another!

Then from there you have daily planning pages which you can complete on the day, plan out for the week ahead, however you like to do it.

One of my favorite things – the morning and evening gratitude practice
The daily schedule has a morning and evening gratitude practice which I really love, and even find myself filling in retrospectively for that day if I run out of time.

At the end of each week you have a single page weekly review where you can check off goals achieved and ruminate and review on your week with happiness levels, big wins, goal reviews and lessons learned.

BestSelf Journal have done it!

I’m about to start Week 5 of my first 13 week chunk and have already checked off work items that have been lagging around for several months.

Plus, I enjoy the practice and can connect with others on the path through the Facebook group to help me continue to be productive. Once you order the journal you will get access to the Facebook group.

The main thing that is happening is that there is a different feeling around my work projects – that satisfaction is back!

In the light


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