Between Two Worlds by Tyler Henry – book review

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Between Two Worlds by Tyler Henry – book review

between two worlds

between two worlds

New and upcoming medium Tyler Henry (or, is he there, already!)

Over the summer break, I recently read Tyler Henry’s book, Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side.

Tyler is a young and talented medium – only 21 – raised in Hanford, CA and now finding himself Hollywood’s go-to celebrity medium in LA.

His accuracy during readings and his ability to make sense of the way energy is received from those who have passed on is masterful.

For anyone wanting to learn how to connect with Loved Ones or simply to learn more about the phenomenon of mediumship, this book is a must.

Strangely (or not) I know Hanford since I spent a few years in Lemoore, CA, only 12 miles away and used to visit downtown Hanford mentioned in the book to go to post natal yoga classes.

Subjects covered in Between Two Worlds

As you might expect Tyler recounts his life story to date for context.   At such a young age, he has already had a close brush with death.  Like some mediums (myself included) his gift really started to grow when he lost a much-loved family member.

You can learn about how he decided to come out as a medium and his move to Hollywood.

I particularly like the ‘Signs from the Soul’ chapter, where Tyler digs deeper into the whys and wherefores of spirit communication and life lessons from his perspective.

Tyler writes extremely well and demonstrates a high level of spiritual wisdom.  Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 5 – The Bigger Picture.

When most people think of having a “big ego”, they usually mean someone who is cocky, self-absorbed, or narcissistic.  These definitions represent only a small sliver of how the ego influences the human experience.  We are all running around with some mix of both positive and negative self-esteem, and the amount of each usually depends on our ever-changing circumstances.  Between and among the two, the ego is found.

Our egos are our beliefs about ourselves.  It’s an identity of our own creation and conditioning that doesn’t reflect who we truly are as souls.  Yet, as human beings, our egos are developed from infancy and maintained throughout our lives.  We think of our talents, abilities, and personalities as who we are, but these are all capabilities we have, not the defining features of our soul-selves.

To expand on this, I would add this quote from Edgar Cayce, one of the great Akashic Records readers of our time.  It’s a quote I send to clients regularly with their homework.

You have inherited the most from yourself, not from your family! The family is only a river through which Soul flows.' Edgar CayceClick To Tweet

Both pieces of writing are great reminders of the eternal natures of our Souls, whether we are discovering ourselves through the collected patterns of ego in this lifetime, or rediscovering our eternal natures through reconnecting with the Soul and its unchanging power in our everyday lives.

Between Two Worlds, Tyler Henry

If you are looking for a new and fresh take on the practice of mediumship, check Tyler Henry out online and on Twitter at #Hollywoodmedium.

To dive a bit deeper and expand your own understanding of mediumship experiences, Between Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side is a useful and enlightening read.

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