Find your yogic self with yoga – not the skinny place

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Find your yogic self with yoga – not the skinny place

yogic self

yogic self

Meet your yogic self on inspirational ground

Find your yogic self.

Flicking through my Yoga magazine today I saw a lot of toned bodies. I saw an article entitled “Cheat, drink and still shrink!”  Plus lots of very pretty yoga outfits, women having coffee with their yoga outfits on. Namaste right here, girl.

Ack. That’s what I call Skinny Yoga. Aspire! Be thin(ner). Be in vogue. Stretch and shrink. Get your designer mat, keep up with the Yogashions, take your vitamins, run, run with the Fitness movement.

But what about your yogic self?

Yoga can be all of that if it helps you. It can be so much more!! Certainly, yoga has grown over the centuries and during the last 30 years in the USA, becoming an international pastime. Hell, even doctors recommend it now because regular yoga practice can reduce blood pressure, increase flexibility and even produce antioxidants in the body.

And again I say, keep searching for your yogic self

With all the other inducements out there, I would call on you to find your yogic self, too. To me, this is the energetic part of us that connects, resonates and grows with yoga practice. The part that makes us hungry for yoga again even if we have left it a while, even if we think we are done with yoga for now.

The yogic self is the part of us that guides us to dreams, visions and even creative flow during and after yoga.Click To Tweet

Buy your nice outfit, since feeling good in yoga makes me work harder, I do know that.

Read magazines so you will learn more about yoga and maybe even find a new move that you haven’t experienced yet.

Read, search, meditate for the yogic self

Find some good books on yoga, try kundalini yoga (that will have your yogic you unraveling you and yelling in your face if you haven’t met that aspect of you, yet).

Yoga is all about energy, flow, connecting your energy centers or chakras, and feeling the yogic self, the eternal energy that is part of your soul.

Have you met the 88-year-old woman in class who can plank longer than anyone else?  Have you been inspired by the yoga teacher who looks like your mom but can balance on one hand?  Have you chuckled when you heard the two weight lifters begging for mercy after their first yoga class in your group?

That, in my opinion, is where to start.

The rest is all just pretty pants.

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