What is the fifth dimension?

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What is the fifth dimension?

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Fifth dimension and spiritual practice

When giving Soul Star readings, I am able to intuit a client’s vibrational expansion on their journey.

What this means in plain English is that we all demonstrate a level of self-awareness and spiritual awareness as the energy that we emanate out into the world.

Everybody’s energy is as unique and individual as their fingerprints.

If you take a moment to think about it, you may be able to get a sense of what a close family member’s or friends’ energy feels like.

Within that, there is a frequency that relates to dimensional awareness. This is beginning to sound like Star Trek!

Lately, a lot more people have been talking about the fifth dimension and ‘moving towards’ it in spiritual practice.

Well, what is the fifth dimension, exactly?

I found myself discussing this with a client recently.

First of all, it’s easy for us in our human world to fall into judgment. Where am I on the scale of ‘awareness’, is that person ‘Higher up’ than me? How can I improve this in a hurry?

Most of us on the spiritual journey are going to have to work with our personal Judges repeatedly. If yours is bleating right now, give him/her/it a crossword to do and sit them in the corner.

So. Back to the fifth dimension starting in third-dimensional awareness

People still with their consciousness or focus of attention 100% rooted in 3D are in survival mode.

They may or may not have enough to eat, a good place to live, a regular job. It’s a grind and they need to survive.

Most people in that situation do not have a lot of room for spiritual inquiry, although they may, of course, have a lot of room for faith.

This is by no means definitive since we are all moving through these dimensions simultaneously…just think of these definitions as a guide to what each one is.

Then there’s the fourth dimension

People who are moving through 4D consciousness are starting to shift and have room to grow.

There is more spiritual inquiry, they have what they need to survive and can take a breath.

They may still identify quite strongly with the ownership of material things. If a person gets lost in that, they can become stuck in 4D.

They have thoughts, ideas, motivations but it’s more about the here and now than anything Greater Than the Self. There is also faith, religion, or other forms of spiritual expression.

Moving from 3D to 4D awareness means that people are growing and changing their perspectives.

Edgar Cayce, the USA’s most famous Akashic Records Reader to date, summed up fourth-dimensional awareness in one word – ideas.

It’s the fifth dimension, Captain

Then there may come a shift to the fifth dimension.

As a person releases and relaxes and begins to let go of judgment or 100% focus on achievement (which is just an idea), their senses start to operate in a different way.

A Loved One passes, and a person can sense that the Loved One is still around or the person sees inexplicable signs of the person’s presence.

Perhaps they start to receive visions of future outcomes (premonitions). They begin to see, feel, hear and sense energy in different ways and receive divine inspirations they can’t otherwise explain. That’s a sign of a shift to the fifth dimension and beyond.

Tiny Houses are one demonstration of the shift or gaining of access to fifth dimension consciousness. People are beginning to realize that the experience of their lives is more important than the house, car or other achievements can offer.

This freedom makes more space in the mind, body, and spirit to move forward on the Journey.

Then the journey really begins, with lots of questions that need answers!

Once you shift to the next ‘level’, you do not leave the others ‘behind’. Our linear human 3D brains love to think of it that way.

We are all a mix of vibrations and we are working through the dimensional levels as part of our journey. We have to live in all of them, all the time, here on planet Earth.

And the 6th dimension?

All I know of that yet is I have a few clients who are there. (Me, not yet! I do visit on a regular basis, after some readings, or a workshop, or a deep meditation, or a prayer, I have that sense of Grace).

People able to sustain the sixth-dimensional state come to someone like me for the odd question but other than that have no need to study the spiritual intensely or work on themselves. It’s more about States of Being than needing to ask the next question.

Think of people like Gandhi or Mother Theresa. More of the time, people with 6D access are able to operate from a place of being, and are not easily knocked from that place – although, like all of us who have to reside in all dimensions simultaneously, sometimes they still are!

Some of us on the spiritual journey often access 6D as a peak experience…then, as Jim Carrey says, we ‘spend all of our time trying to get back there!’

Love to hear your opinions or experiences of this!

Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Reader.  You can download the brochure listing all 12 Readings she offers, and contact her here at the Client Portal.


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