For every woman who travels the spiritual journey

Personal Growth through the Akashic Records, Past Lives, Human Design and more with Sarah Lawrence

For every woman who travels the spiritual journey

She travels between worlds unlearning thousands of years of conditioning

She travels because she has started her spiritual journey.

She has lifted her essence up from not only being incarnated In a female body on a female unfriendly planet, but also to connect with her Higher Self and make changes from the Soul Level downwards.


Again, she travels between worlds unlearning thousands of years of conditioning.

She travels in 3D – learning how to work, earn her own money and become independent from men, despite thousands of years and many lifetimes being in thrall to men.

Thousands of years of having to learn to move her body in attractive ways to survive.

Thousands of years of having to give in to unwelcome sex in order to get the next meal.

Thousands of years of having to take less pay than a man, even in modern society.

She travels in 3D and she learns to unlearn the conditioning of thousands of years.


Then she untethers her Soul during spiritual practice and travels in the multiverse

Acknowledging and accepting, sometimes even honoring, all that has gone before and yet all that will come.

Up until now she has learned to live with thousands of years of conditioning.

In Spirit and Soul she reconnects with her true Goddess Essence, remembering When the Drummers Were Women.

Remembering that before Couverture she existed legally as a whole person in balance with men and not dominated by them.

Remembering that she had a Tribal Voice.

Remembering that men used to value her for any children she created, remembering that she was not Judged for producing only girl children, or no children, or children of love.

Remembering that.

She remembers as she travels in Soul and in Spirit.


She remembers too that women were powerful and beautiful in their differences

She remembers that they used to paint their bodies with personal powerful signs of the Goddess and sing and dance under the Full Moon.

She remembers that moon cycles were honored and revered, even feared by men.

Women were so powerful during their moon cycle, they would go elsewhere to focus on their bodies and relax, rejuvenate.

She remembers the acceptance into spiritual ritual and tribal dances.

Women were a necessary part of the cycle, revered and cared for, given due for their wisdom, not disempowered and objectified, disempowered and deflowered.

She is unlearning thousands of years of conditioning.

She continues to travel between worlds.


Inspired by a quote at Divine Femine Awakening.

Inspired by the picture shown by Coffee at

Inspired by When the Drummers Were Women: A Spiritual History of Rhythm [Later Printing] by Layne Redmond

Inspired by Committed: A Love Story by Elizabeth Gilbert

Inspired by this video of Olga Podluzhnaya

Inspired by Spirit.

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