Clairaudience in action – a reader’s experience

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Clairaudience in action – a reader’s experience

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Clairaudience in action, or clear-hearing part II

I wrote this post about clairaudience (clear-hearing, as clairvoyant = clear-seeing) a while back and received some great comments about it.

Today, I received a story from a reader called Rita who related this experience, asking if it was an example of clairaudience

I do not know if I have clairaudient abilities, or not. I can only tell you what I experienced and let you decide.
I was singing with the radio, doing my dishes, and out of the blue, I hear this voice, telling me that someone, and it even gives the person’s name, is trying to leave the elementary school, with my daughter. I say out loud, “no, my daughter will not leave with no one, whom she is not suppose to leave with.”


The voice, says the same thing to me, but LOUDER this time. I think I am losing my mind, and ignore it.
I go to school, to pick up my children…and my daughter runs up to me, and says, “Mommy, (the person’s name) tried to get me to leave with her today, but I did not”. I could not believe my ears. It was the person that the voice has told me.


I drove home, went in my bedroom, and cried like a baby. I said I was sorry for not listening to it, and that from here on, I would. And I do. I thought it was a angel, or a loved one who had passed on, someone who warns me of things. What do you think?

More about Clairaudience and other Intuitive Channels

I believe an angel or guide of some kind was actively warning this reader about her child.  Many parents will tell you they are intuitive in some way when it comes to their children’s safety.

Most parents will identify with one or more of the intuitive ‘hits’ on this list and count them as everyday parenting abilities, since parents and children have such a connection.

  • ‘Knowing’ your child is coming down with an illness, or is about to get sick, even if they aren’t currently displaying any signs (claircognizance in psychic terms)
  • Having a ‘gut feeling’ that your child is in some kind of danger (clairsentience in psychic terms)
  • Hearing that ‘little voice’ that tells you to go check on your child (clairaudience in psychic terms)
  • ‘Feeling’ that something intangible is very wrong and you need to find your child, even though you can’t explain it (Clair empathy – clear emotion, empathy in psychic terms)
  • Getting an image, picture, or scene that you know is related to your child causing you to act (clairvoyance in psychic terms)
  • Sensing that somebody is around, or has been around your child that you don’t like, they ‘leave a bad taste in your mouth’, or ‘something just doesn’t smell right about them – (clairgustance, clear smelling, Clairscent, clear smelling)
  • Picking up something that belongs to your child and even though the object is innocent enough, you get a bad feeling (Clairtangency – more commonly known as psychometry or divining energy in or around an object).

Of course, we all have animal instincts which can account for some experiences related to the above list.

For example, women are often taught to be ‘nice’ at all costs, even when their instincts are screaming the opposite.

Our sense of smell has also been reduced because we tend not to activate it as much as sight or hearing.

Even so, those instincts are still there.

Clairaudience in action for sure from Rita

Here’s my take on Rita’s story.

First of all, she was singing with the radio on and washing dishes.

I interpret that as the left brain quieted with a simple activity.  This enables the right brain to be open and active.   The music playing on the radio was also helping her to switch off her conscious processes and relax.

I don’t know whether Rita heard the voice in one ear or both.   In my case, I will hear Clairaudience in the left ear, and telepathy in the center of my head.

My intuition says it was a guide of some kind, a mother-figure who has passed on.   Perhaps it was even somebody that Rita knew in this life who has transitioned.

Immediately the guide knew what to say, which caused Rita to react and speak out loud.  As we are all part of the unified field, Rita’s mother-child connection kicked, and in some way, her words were transmitted to the child, who was warned to be careful.

Rita had complete validation of the experience because the guide named the person concerned and her child named the same person as the perpetrator of the potential act.

Validation is the key in cases of establishing intuitive experiences.  If a person intuits information like this, and they could not possibly have known any other way – then that is validation.

It’s always worth action on clairaudient messages received this way

If you receive a strong intuitive hit about your child, act on it in some way.

What’s the worst thing that can happen?  Everything is OK, your child is safe and all is right with the world (you may feel a little stupid after the event, that’s just the ego kicking in – so what – your child is safe).

If something happens to your child that you didn’t foresee, do your best to avoid experiencing guilt over it.  We can’t see around all the corners, just some of them – it’s one of the great mysteries of life.  Even intuitive people miss things.

My mum once had a really strong ‘gut feeling’ that I shouldn’t ride my pushbike to school one day in the winter, but she didn’t act on it for fear of seeming overprotective or overly fussy.

Unfortunately, that day my bike hit black ice and I was flipped on the road and knocked unconscious, causing me several injuries.

For years afterward she carried the guilt of ‘knowing’ something bad could happen and not acting on her instinct or intuitive experience.

As Rita says with her story, I said I was sorry for not listening to it, and that from here on, I would. And I do.  It can only help, not hinder.

Please always feel free to send me your stories or comment about your intuition.  I love this story of clairaudience in action.

Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Reader.  You can download the brochure listing all 12 Readings she offers, and contact her here at the Client Portal.


6 Responses

  1. Good story Sarah and Rita.

    One of my most memorable clairaudient experiences is this: I was a unmarried young woman, about 20. I had an invitation from an old friend, a young man, to get on a plane and fly down to Florida to visit him. I accepted. I was excited about the trip. I boarded the plane in Wichita and was waiting on the doors to be officially closed when in my head I heard loud and clear “Get off of this plane. Now.”

    And so I did! I was so surprised, I had no inkling beforehand I would be doing this, I had no lingering reservations about my trip.

    Did the plane crash? No. But I didn’t see the young man again, ever, either. Which may have been why I wasn’t supposed to go. My life might indeed have been quite different had I made the trip.

    Sarah in my work with QHHT, I and other Practitioners often have clients who have experiences such as this and they are able to, in a session, ask specifically, “Whose voice was that?” Sometimes we are told guardian angels and sometimes, yes, loved ones who have passed away. But more often we are told it was their own Higher Self.

    Also, and this is very interesting indeed, in the “highest level” sessions of QHHT we have learned, that guardian angels or guides that you have known for perhaps many years or lifetimes…are simply creations of your own Higher Self. They are another aspect of YOU. The Higher Self often uses these persona to get your attention, so you do NOT dismiss messages.

    The most famous example I can think of in this regard is Seth of the Jane Roberts books. Years into the communication, Jane learns that Seth is a future aspect of her own self, sent by her Higher Self!

    Great article. Keep up the good work.


    • Hi Candace

      Thanks so much for the kind comment and the story – fascinating.

      The guides being creations of the Higher Self make so much sense to me in so many ways. In the EMF Balancing Technique, we are taught that after learning to give a certain phase, the guides ‘go inside’ instead of being external entities. Hmnnn. Often I’ve received clairaudient messages in my own voice, too.

      Thank you, and I will! 2013 is going to be the year of writing for me.

      Love and light

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