Kundalini Meditation – An Update by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

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Kundalini Meditation – An Update by Mom On A Spiritual Journey

kundalini yoga

Kundalini Meditation by Kathryn McCusker

Kundalini Meditation
I recently wrote this review of Kathryn McCusker’s book  Kundalini Meditation, and since then have undertaken to practice this type of meditation on a daily basis for 40 days (even if as a part-time SAHM I could only manage a few minutes per day).

It appears to be day 40 of my kundalini meditation practice!

As I wrote this I figured out I am at day 40 of my practice.   As a dutiful Mom On A Spiritual Journey, I thought it time to report my findings.

Well, one thing is for sure – I shall be carrying on with this practice well after day 40.  This type of meditation for me is one of the most intriguing and experiential practices I have undertaken.

During the first week of meditation, I found myself in the middle of a powerful vision.  This vision was so intense that I decided to write to the author about my experience.  She very kindly responded.

Here’s my Facebook Message to Kathryn and her response

Hi Kathryn,

Know you’re super busy yet just had to share this kundalini experience on day 4.  Thank you so much for sharing this work with the world!

I was doing the meditation for hormonal balancing and emotions (for women) and the minute I started to whisper the Mantra I had a vision of a 16 foot crocodile. He walked through my front door and sat in front of me…then threw up water and Indian bodies…arms, heads, legs.

He just hung out, looked me in the eye and said “I am the mugger from the river gunga“. I checked it out later…gunga = Ganges and mugger is a type of crocodile from that region (as you may already know).

I take this as a blessing and a sign to face my fears and cleanse generally.

Thanks again – if you have any time for any insights it would be most appreciated…would make a great a blog post too!

Love light and blessings


Kathryn’s McCusker’s response

Hi Sarah,

I am happy to hear youKundalini Meditation are enjoying my book.

Thanks for sharing your experience on day 4..what a powerful vision!

The water crocodile (mugger) is connected to the second chakra.  This relates to creativity, sexuality and spirituality.   Yes, I would take this as a blessing and a shift in consciousness/a re-birthing/spiritual awakening….something you are letting go of/clearing!

Interesting the crocodile looked you in the eye, this could be symbolic of your 3rd eye opening, the gateway to your intuition (perhaps a sign you need to trust your intuition more) and this meditation, Sa Ta Na Ma works on activating the intuition and the 4 sounds/syllables are the cycle of creation – infinity,life, death, re-birth…

Hope this helps…wahe guru!

Love and Blessings

Visions and physical improvement have continued with kundalini meditation

As part of practicing the meditation, there are ‘warm-up’ exercises to get the energy moving.

One of my favorites is an exercise called ‘The Frog’.  After some initial stretching, you squat with the heels together and raised.  The hands are on the floor between the knees.  Focusing on the Third Eye and staying on tiptoe,  extend your legs.  This means that you are essentially standing on tiptoe touching the ground.

This might sound a little difficult – with practice you can get there.  I’ve always been hyper-mobile around my low back and hips and able to reach way past my feet.  This stretch results in a release of tightness in the low back for me when other exercises cannot.  What a relief.

Next step – moving into the breathing exercises more deeply

When you start a new energy practice, it’s important to remember that you will make more progress over time.  As any practice deepens, more ways to go further on the journey and deeper within will become apparent to you as a result of regular practice.

I’d love to hear how others practice meditation too.  If you are completely new to meditative practice and want to learn more about the right practice for you, I can offer an Akashic Records Reading or an Intuitive Coaching Session to help you on your way.

Regular meditation practice really is a blessing and can result in improved health and wellness – whether you like crocodiles or not!

Kundalini Meditation – book review

Kundalini Yoga

How To Work with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation – Grow Spiritual Guidance

Written by Kathyrin McCusker, a Yoga teacher and internationally known Opera Singer Kundalini Meditation is a useful guide to both meditation using the Kundalini energy, and Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini means “the coil in the hair of the beloved” and refers to our coiled serpent-like energy which begins at the base of the spine, moving up through the chakras or energy centers and resulting in a feeling of bliss throughout the body, mind, and soul for the regular practitioner.

Kundalini Yoga is the practice of yogic postures, mantras and meditations that help activate the kundalini energy.  This energy can rise up through the chakras with practice.


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  1. Ned says:

    what a powerful experience.. a little scary also! I have read a lot about Kundalini meditation and I have seen people had wonderful experiences with it. It also clears your aura and infuses you with positive energy.. If you are interested in it you should read more books on Sahaja Yoga.

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