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Clairaudience, or Clear Hearing – the Inner Voice

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Clairaudience, or Clear Hearing – the Inner Voice

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Clairaudience, or ‘Clear Hearing’ – some definitions of the inner voice or intuition

Clairaudience is a term that defines our ability to hear the inner voice or higher guidance from the spiritual perspective.

I’m quite highly clairaudient and have had many experiences of hearing that still, small voice.  I have clairaudient experiences a lot during the readings that I give.

Clairaudience or hearing voices is not something that’s particularly socially acceptable to discuss in Western society, however!

If messages are positive and inspirational – that is how you know you are listening through your clairaudience.

It’s the nature of the voice that is important to define.

An inner voice that berates or brings you down?  That is most likely your internal dialogue, affected by programming in younger life.   A voice that tells you to do bad things is NOT your inner guidance through clairaudience.

An inner voice that saves your bacon if you paid attention IS clairaudience.

Perhaps you received information that helped you avoid a sticky situation?

Or maybe you heard information that assisted you in the creation of a positive idea?

These are both examples of clairaudience or your inner guidance.

Some examples of clairaudience – has this happened to you?

In Doreen Virtue’s recent book The Angel Therapy Handbook, she lists an excellent short guide to Clairaudience or Clear Hearing.

Upon awakening, you hear your name called by a disembodied voice.

  • Out of nowhere, you detect a strain of beautiful, celestial-sounding music.
  • You hear a song repeatedly, either in your head or on the radio.
  • There’s a loud, shrill ringing noise in one ear.
  • You overhear a conversation in which a stranger says the exact thing you need to hear (clairaudience + synchronicity).
  • There is a moment when you just ‘happen’ to turn on the television or radio exactly when a relevant discussion is occurring.
  • You pick up on a loved one’s call for help, and it turns out that he or she needed assistance just then.
  • A disembodied voice gives you a warning or a life-enhancing message.
  • You’re looking for a lost item, you pray for assistance, and then you hear a voice tell you where to locate it.

What I particularly like about these examples from Doreen Virtue is that they demonstrate clairaudience in ways that are not so commonly discussed.

Perhaps you have found a way in this list that demonstrates the experience of clairaudience in your life?

Some of my experiences of clairaudience

In my experience the voice heard may sound like your own, or nothing like yours at all.  Sometimes you may hear an opposite gender voice.

I’ve received messages during clairaudience from…

  1. A voice that sounds exactly like my own.
  2. Hearing a man’s voice (once upon awakening in my house with only my children at home, I clearly heard a man’s voice say “She needs to read the book!“.  I wish he could have told me which one – there are so many!). Update – October 2013 – it was the ‘book of life’ – my Akashic Records!
  3. Warnings from a voice that could have been male or female, which I felt was from an angel or guide.  At the time I received one of these messages, I was in the middle of something completely unconnected.   The voice gave me full instructions to carry out a particular task.  I even argued with the voice in my head!   The response came back – “Do this now, you need to protect your family!”  The voice turned out to be completely right.
  4. During a kinesiology session for a friend, I heard helpful information.  I now understand that this particular voice comes from a Spirit Guide, who helps me to suggest homeopathic remedies and essential oils for clients.

Learn more about the different Clairs – how to grow your intuition or Higher Self

Are you interested in learning about all the Clairs, and how your intuition works?

I offer a series of 3 online Coaching Sessions where I will help you develop your intuition.

We all have unique intuitive patterns which combine one or many of these Clairs, or Intuitive Channels.   How each of us does this is as individual as our energy patterns.

I also combine this approach with Howard Gardner’s theory of the 8 intelligences and Edgar Cayce’s study of intuition, or the Higher Self.

With these Coaching Classes, you’ll get to find out more about how you learn, too!

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I’d love to hear other people’s stories of clairaudience!

(After this post, a reader shared this fascinating story).

Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Reader.  You can download the brochure listing all 12 Readings she offers, and contact her here at the Client Portal.

34 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    Great post! I have heard my inner voice many times. Too bad it took me so long to listen to it! Songs in my head also happen frequently. Definately going to pick up a few of her books. Thanks!

  2. Mare says:

    Oh wow! I didn’t know that all of these were considered clairaudient. Maybe I am clairaudient after all. Since I was young, about 10, I noticed ringing noises in one ear only. Sometimes they were so loud, I could hardly concentrate. I do also sometimes hear very beautiful music – mostly string orchestral arrangements – and I just thought I was imagining things, or making them up in my head. So what do these things mean? What should I do when they happen again?

    • In my experience Mare the ‘ringing’ is a download of information, or inspiration of some kind. What Doreen suggests is that during or after the experiences, ask for a sign or help deciphering the meaning of the experiences.

      Also in my experience, you will get an answer pretty quickly!


  3. Lovely article Sarah.
    I think that however we interpret our internal experience, there is great value in quieting the mind. I operate from the principle that there is a vast reservoir of wisdom within each of us. Whether that wisdom comes from within or without or both, is not, to me, as important as being open to communicate with ‘it’, whichever way that may happen for an individual

  4. Clairaudience is a new word for me, and the examples you have mentioned of Clairaudience has never really happened with me!

    May be I am not spiritual enough :)!

    • Hi Debra,

      Thanks so much for posting this comment. It’s my belief that we all have preferred ‘channels’ of intuition and that we are very individual in our approach to utilizing these inputs. It may be that a preferred input is more prevalent in one person’s case than another, some people are intensely clairvoyant (clear seeing) and don’t hear messages at all, sometimes it’s just that the request to receive the inspiration a certain way has not yet been made.

      For me, spirituality is a practice to open us to a deeper knowledge of ourselves, and in my experience practice has always produced results of some kind.

      I would simply suggest that you read this article for a reason, not a coincidence, and spend some time thinking about the questions that came up for you. If you would like to know a little more about intuitive processes, I offer online sessions to assist people in discovering more… and one specifically for intuitive gifts. http://www.newworldenergetics.com/energetics-toolkit/your-intuitive-gifts

      Thanks again for responding!


  5. LOVE this Sarah. I especially loved your examples since many of them I would not have considered as clear hearing.

    Thanks for the clarification. Monica

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  7. Rita says:

    I do not know if I have clairaudience abilities, or not. I can only tell you what I experienced and let you decide.
    I was singing with the radio, doing my dishes, and out of the blue, I hear this voice. telling me that someone, and it even gives the person’s name, is trying to leave the elementary school, with my daughter. I say out loud, “no, my daughter will not leave with no one, whom she is not suppose to leave with.” The voice, says the same thing to me, but LOUDER this time. I think I am losing my mind, and ignore it.
    I go to school, to pick up my children…and my daughter runs up to me, and says, “Mommy, (the person’s name) tried to get me to leave with her today, but I did not”. I could not believe my ears. It was the person that the voice has told me. I drove home, went in my bedroom, and cried like a baby. I said I was sorry for not listening to it, and that from here on, I would. And I do. I thought it was a angel, or a loved one who had passed on, someone who warns me of things. What do you think?

  8. Hi Rita,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to submit your story. I have some thoughts about your comment, so I’m going to blog about it!

    Wishing you love and light on your spiritual journey


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  11. Trisha says:

    I just stumbled upon your website and read the definitions of a clairaudient. I have had this gift since I was 5 years old. When I was 5 years old, I began to see and hear my spirit guide, little children spirits and sometimes ghosts. With the good comes the bad, I also heard not so friendly spirits. Really nasty ones. I shared this experience with my mother and my grandfather. My mom did not take it so well. She had the house blessed and told me not to speak about my guide nor the spirits talking to me during the night. To top everything off, my mom sent me to Sunday School. However, my grandfather reacted quite differently. He came to my room, as I remembered it, and said that sometimes spirits visit us to play with us and to talk to us because we can see and hear them. That I should not tell people who are afraid of the spirit world. I told him that I seen a strange older man in my closet. He smiled and said, “Is he mean or nice?” I replied, “he just stands there with a halo over his head. He looks ancient and he speaks to me in my head.” My grandfather smudged the room and spoke to the spirit guide and the others not to scare me and to only come around when I feel comfortable. He smiled and nodded. I continued to see my guide but, I also remember seeing fairies and little people. Some people call them leprachauns. I’m not entirely sure of what I saw. But, one day, I mistakenly revealed to me that I saw spirits in the house. She just said: “don’t talk about this anymore.” I knew that she saw them also but, I think she just didn’t want to deal with all of this. Each night, I prayed to god that I wouldn’t see or hear anymore of my guide and spirits and ghosts anymore. Gradually, my prayers were answered. I closed my gift off for good, or at least I thought. Until I started reading spiritual books and listening to spiritual teachers, I wanted to hear and see my guide and the other spirits again. During my second year of university, I read Sonia Choquette’s Diary of a Psychic book and was really curious about meditation techniques, especially the one chapter about how we found her spirit guide, dot. I don’t think this was coincedence. I re-read the passage many times. I practiced the meditation techniques for a month, focusing on a single space on the wall. I blocked out all of the noise and just focused on my breathing and silencing my mind. Finally, one night, I heard: “Hi!” in a man’s voice. My heart felt like someone put electrodes around it and gave it a big jolt. I got up from my bed and darted out of my apartment building down the hallway as quickly as my feet could take me. A minute later, I realized that I was running away from a disembodied voice or slowly going insane. I was wearing a tshirt and jogging pants with no socks in a soundproof apartment complex. Walls were all white and the front door was transparent marked with the a number on it. Don’t recall what number. As I walked slowly back in, I acted as if there was an intruder in my apartment. How crazy was this? I announced to the empty space in my living room that I was coming back and I didn’t want to be bothered. I remember this day like no other.

    I have more to say but, I’ll stop there for now. I’ll give more details another time.

    Anyways, suffice it to say, I was awakened that day. Ever since that day, I have been hearing my two spirit guides and other spirits loud and clear. What am I doing with this gift? I used to read tarot and give readings but, I have been too busy to pick it up until today.

    I just wanted to share my story. I hope this helps you out!

    If you wish to contact me and share your experiences, my email is dish25@hotmail.com. Thanks.

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  13. samantha says:

    I have always had voices in my head. I have a lot of deja vue experiences, I will occasionally, all of a sudden, have a loud ringing in my ear. I almost died after I gave birth to my son in 1999, I heard someone, in my head, tell me not to worry, i will see my family again I had a calm come over me. I see things move out of the corner of my eye a lot, but put it down to my mind playing tricks on me. Once, when I was younger, I was in bed at night, eyes closed was all of a sudden terrified to open my eyes heard a voice in my head tell me to keep my eyes closed. I was terrified, then all of a sudden didn’t feel scared – opened my eyes. I often feel like someone is watching me or near me, this happens a lot. I hear voices all the time, some directly at me others sound like they are talking amongst themselves. I don’t tell anyone as they might think i am crazy, sometimes I think I am crazy or the voices are just me making it up. I told someone once that I knew one of my best friends were pregnant to my surprise, that friend rang me and told me she was, that was freaky…. I feel I am being protected, very protected, it is hard to explain. When I was a teenager, I tried to commit suicide once, I would have succeeded, but my dad turned up and saved my life, he said he was at work and something told him to go straight home now!!!, when he did he found me nearly gone. am i mad or are these things a special ability????, I need to know as the voices happen a lot….

    • Hi Samantha,

      Thank you for taking the time to reply and for sharing your experiences. We can be sure we are receiving messages from Spirit when they are validated – like the concern your father felt and his immediate need to return home – call it parental instinct or the spiritual – either way a miracle occurred and you were saved.

      You can ask for the clair-audience to be calmed down if you need it – pray and ask your inner guidance to only give you messages at certain times of day, or just not as noisily, whatever is your preference!

      You may also be clair-voyant (clear-seeing) – seeing things ‘out of the corner of your eye’ is one sign of this. I would highly recommend reading Doreen Virtue’s book ‘How to Hear Your Angels’ for more guidance on how to manage when you are acutely clair-audient. My voices can get quite insistent (and they are almost always right). Remember that voices which are kind, positive and have your best interests at heart are those from Spirit.

      Wishing you the best in your life and take care


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  22. Jay says:

    Hi Sarah, yes I am really reading this page from 2012 in November 2022. I am actually seeking web pages from roughly 10 years ago when I had what I have come to believe was a clairaudience experience, although I have only recently discovered the term clairaudience.

    I was sat with my friend and two girls, nothing exciting was happening they were watching a TV show which I really wasn’t interested in it at all.

    Suddenly while glancing at my friend I clearly heard his voice, however his mouth did not move. I was perplexed. I demanded that he tell me what he just said. He insisted he said nothing, I actually got irate with him. Once again I demanded he stop messing about and just tell me what he said. The two girls chimed in insisting he said nothing and that I must be imaging things, to the extent one of the girls asked me what was wrong with me.

    He then asked me “what is it you think you heard me say”

    I told him I heard him clearly say the word “eggs”

    Shockingly he said we was thinking about making an “egg sandwich” (eurrgh gross, i do not like or eat eggs lol)

    we all fell silent at that moment it seems like even the TV went silent. the silence lasted what felt like a long time. None of us had any explanation and none of us ever spoke of about it again. I have never experienced since, but now I want to find out more about clairaudience, even if what I experienced was something other than clairaudience.

    Thank you

    • Sarah Lawrence says:

      Hi Jay

      Thanks for leaving your story, sorry it’s taken me a while to respond.

      Yes, so tuning into someone else’s mental and emotional energy body can happen when we know them well and we are relaxed. So with the tv watching and hanging out, your socialized ‘logical’ mind had something to do. This meant that your intuition was open and on receive.

      Clairaudience can come in many forms, in this case you were experiencing telepathy. I used to be able to do this with my ex (it would freak him out), after I had served dinner for example, I would ‘hear’ with my inside voice what flavor ice cream he would like.

      Sometimes we can read people’s intentions from their physical state and micro-movements, this can be more of a visual experience.

      With clairaudience, it’s very much auditory, so I definitely agree that is what you were experiencing.

      Lots of light, and thanks for leaving a comment!


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