Add more positive energy to your day

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Add more positive energy to your day

positive energy

positive energy

Creating Positive Energy

Positive energy doesn’t need to be ‘woo woo’ or fluffy bunny feeling. Sometimes it can amount to one of those simple little acts of service that make somebody’s day.

Those of you on Facebook will know about the feature where your older posts come up as a suggestion to re-share.

This post came up yesterday and I believe synchronicity had something to do with it.

At the library yesterday choosing our usual two big bags of books. (We’re all readers in our house). A dad was there with his kids and noticed us. He said some nice things about my kids being serious readers and I thanked him. At the desk I was about to pay 90c for a late book we had forgotten last time when he tapped me on the shoulder. “I found this dollar in the parking lot today – you know what they say, find a dollar, give a dollar. I’ll pay for your late book fine because your girls are such awesome readers”. Wow. Made my day!

Positive energy from just one dollar found

It was a lovely experience for me and created positive energy since it was so unexpected and so kind. It didn’t matter that it was ‘only a dollar’ or a minor incident, I felt taken care of and helped out in a larger than life way. An act like that can make anyone feel good.

I re-posted that positive energy experience because I believe that once we link to one positive energy experience, we find another.

Stressed out driver at the coffee shop

The last few days I have been noticing quite a few angry and stressed out drivers. (Maybe the recent solar eclipse – who knows!).

Occasionally after the school run I’ll drive to our local coffee shop and get drive through coffee, sometimes breakfast. I know I’m not the only mom in the line.

That morning I wasn’t feeling the greatest and watched some people in front of me turning into the drive thru coffee line. It’s a right turn just before a busy set of lights and can sometimes cause a little traffic snaggle.

Someone in front of me felt held up by this and unfortunately completely lost it, squealing their tires enough to burn rubber, blaring their horn and driving off in a funk.

As I turned into the coffee drive thru I noticed a driver wanting to enter the line from the other direction – nobody behind me so I let them in.

Positive energy clears out the negative funk

My guides immediately started chatting in my ear and sending me feelings that this lady would buy my coffee to say thank you. And she did!

So I paid for the person behind me (after all, what else is a Lightworker to do?!) and had a definite sensation of ‘bad energy cleared’.

So Positive Energy wins the day!

What little things do you do for others, or have done for you, that help out your day? On the same morning, I got this thank you note from my oldest. Isn’t that the best?

positive energy


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