Dream interpretation – how to interpret your dreams

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Dream interpretation – how to interpret your dreams

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Dream Interpretation – where to start?

Dream interpretation from our many different dreams can become a useful resource on the spiritual journey.  To reach a dreaming state, our brains go through a complex series of events or stages.  This results in us being able to dream.

During the majority of the time when we fall asleep our brains are in Slow Wave Sleep (SWS) “characterized by large, slow brain waves, relaxed muscles and slow, deep breathing, which may help the brain and body to recuperate after a long day” (Scientific American).

After SWS, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep begins.  The biological reasons for REM sleep are still unknown and remain largely a mystery to the scientific community.

What we do know about REM sleep is that our brains become very active.  Our breathing and heart rate become erratic, yet our muscles become paralyzed.

This may be one reason why some sleepers refer to the scary phenomenon of ‘sleep paralysis’.  This happens when the brain wakes up with a start, but the body is unable to move for a few minutes.

So with all of this information, when we have dreams, where can we start with dream interpretation?

Dream Interpretation from the Dreamer’s Dictionary – your subconscious speaks

During one of my previous lives as a program planner at Channel 4 in the UK, I visited a local book store during my lunch break.  I was having a series of lucid dreams and wanted to interpret them.

This book is still in my collection, now yellowed with age.  It still continues to give me insightful and reliable results – Dreamer’s Dictionary by Robinson, Stearn, Corbett, Tom (1986) Mass Market Paperback.

I bought the book back to the office and started looking through it.   One of the other commissioning editors asked me what I was reading.

She made fun of the concept of dreams guiding us in any way.  To push her point home, she asked me about her dream of the night before.  She had dreamed of a black bull in a bullring.

The interpretation about dreaming of a black bull in a bullring

You have some tough competition facing you in business and/or love if your dream featured this animal.  Unless it was very light or white, in which case you’ll have a stroke of great luck when you least expect it.  

If you dreamed of a bull-fight, you are being warning to take decisive action to clear up an unpleasant personal situation.

This lady went bright red and ran into her office, banging her door shut.  Oh, dear.  Well, she did ask!

Her assistant said that the dream interpretation was very accurate.  It was related to an existing difficult personal relationship this lady’s boss was having with a significant other.

That whole process was very surprising to me and impressed me with its’ accuracy.  Unintended on my part.

This book still does not disappoint!  I used it only today to help somebody interpret a dream.  Often dreams can seem on the surface to be distressing or negative.  It’s always worth checking interpretations, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Our subconscious can work through problems in many unusual ways in an attempt to help our intuition.   I believe dreaming is one of those ways.

Lucid dreaming

dream interpretationAnother form of dreaming I believe we can take a bit more literally is lucid dreaming.  Lucid dreams are characterized by being very clear, from the visions received in the dream to the feelings experienced during the dream, even sensations of movement and sounds heard while dreaming.

It’s a good idea to journal lucid dreams.  Perhaps you dreamed of a journey or being with a specific group of people.  Sometimes this type of dream can include taking part in a ceremony or ritual.

I believe these types of dreams can come from our Spirit Guides, Soul Group or other dimensions of experience, to help and inform us in some way.  I take Lucid Dreams of mine into my own Akashic Records for a more accurate dream interpretation.

A Loved One Dream

When a Loved One has passed, it is often common for us to dream about them in some way.  If the Loved One suffered an illness before they passed, often they will appear as well and be healed from any sickness they had in life.

Loved Ones can also appear in a familiar place in your dream, such as a family home, holiday location, or simply in a beautiful meadow.

dream interpretationI believe that during dreams we can raise our vibration to meet that of our departed Loved Ones, while they lower their energetic vibration slightly to connect with us.  This place in the middle is often referred to as ‘Summerland’.

I often visit my mother in our old family house in Summerland.  We take tea and share time together in a place that is familiar to both of us.  I can easily dream of my old family house, walk down the front path, or come in through the garage and back door as I used to so that we can connect.

Dreams of Loved Ones are intended to comfort and heal us, and send us the message that our Loved Ones are still with us in spirit, just a slight rise in vibration away.

Let me know of your favorite dream interpretation resource, or tell me about a striking dream you have had recently, and if you have been able to interpret it to help you grow.

Sarah is an Intuitive Coach and Akashic Records Reader.  You can download the brochure listing all 12 Readings she offers, and contact her here at the Client Portal.


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