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How to manage ego reactions when accessing your Akashic Records

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How to manage ego reactions when accessing your Akashic Records

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How to manage ego reactions when working in your Akashic Records

It can be exciting to start a new spiritual path, often though we don’t realize that ego reactions may cause a few hiccups on the journey.

Many clients who work with the Soul Star Reading are very excited to learn about their energetic blocks and restrictions that are ready for clearing.  They also look forward to working with their personalized 21-day prayer.

Then the ego gets a little concerned, and puts a pause on the proceedings!

Clients might find themselves feeling reluctant to do their clearing work (which only takes a few minutes per day), or feel annoyed, uncertain or even angry about the work.

This isn’t anything to do with the clients’ intention of clearing and healing.  It has a lot more to do with their ego reactions.

What is the ego, exactly?

ego reactionsThe ego from the human perspective has been studied in-depth, Carl Jung (1875-1961) is now well-known as one of the founders of clinical psychology.

Jung saw the ego as a separate part of our psyche that works with both our conscious and unconscious minds.  He also suggested a transpersonal, or spiritual connection to the collective unconscious, or ‘group think’.

Carl Jung regarded the psyche as made up of a number of separate but interacting systems. The three main ones were:-

  • the ego
  • the personal unconscious
  • the collective unconscious.

According to Jung, the ego represents the conscious mind as it comprises the thoughts, memories, and emotions a person is aware of. The ego is largely responsible for feelings of identity and continuity.

(Simply Psychology.com, Carl Jung).

One way I like to think of the ego is as ‘the tip of the iceberg’, a conscious representation of our identity and self-awareness.

With an iceberg, we can see the tip floating above the water, yet we also know that the majority of the iceberg is floating just below the surface, hidden by the water from our line of sight.

Even though we can only see the tip of the iceberg, we are quite sure the rest is there, even though we can’t see it.

When we work with the clearing prayer, the tip of our ego ‘iceberg’ gets activated energetically, and so do our thoughts, memories, and emotions!

How to work with ego reactions when clearing blocks and restrictions

The first thing to do is not to be too hard on yourself!  It’s perfectly natural and normal to experience ego reactions when something is about to change in your world.

One of the ways I know my ego has been activated is that my face muscles go tight.  Maybe you know what I mean?

One of the ego’s jobs is to keep us safe.  When change is on the horizon, especially deep energetic change with spiritual or Akashic Records work, then the ego can become strongly activated.

Here are my 3 tips for working with your ego as you progress on the spiritual journey.

  1. Stay out of judgment!  It’s perfectly normal to feel some energetic resistance when something major is about to change in your life, whether that is through energetic clearing work or anything else.
  2. Be kind to yourself and thank your ego.  Sometimes unusual feelings and sensations come up ‘for air’ from our conscious and subconscious minds when we clear blocks and restrictions, especially from fifth-dimensional awareness, or 5D, which we access through our Akashic Records.  Thank your ego for being on-point and this will help settle your unusual feelings or sensations.
  3. Give your ego something to do to occupy itself.  As weird as it sounds, the ego likes to be busy, because then it’s helping you to feel safe.  Give it a different problem to chew over or review.  I joke with clients that it’s a good idea to give your ego a crossword to do.  Then the ego feels useful, considered, and part of the change that is going on.

How human of us to have ego reactions!

It’s totally normal and expected to have some kind of reaction to deep clearing work, such as clearing energetic blocks and restrictions from your Akashic Records.

How human of us.

Learning to manage our unexpected ego reactions is something that we will learn to cope with as we move forward on our individual spiritual journeys.  This process can help us to grow resilience and increase our self-awareness as we move forward on the path.

As we learn to acknowledge our ego selves, we also get in touch with the deeper nature of our conscious, subconscious, and superconscious – the Higher Self.  This increases our ability to hold new awareness and expand our vibration.

Thank you, ego reactions.

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